Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Smartipants are as Clever as Promised!

I broke down and ordered a 3-pack of Smartipants. I purchased these with my money, they were not sent to me to review for free. Alas, I wish they were- but they weren't! If I didn't like them I wouldn't spend my precious time writing a post about them. I am trying to win a free three pack in their monthly photo contest, but that is completely unrelated to this post. I bought the boy 3-pack-call it wishful thinking-but I would LOVE the girl 3 pack for E! She is now going through the night in cloth-no more sposies here at all! Woot Woot! I needed some more dipes because I currently have a bunch out of rotation awaiting new velcro. Smartipants have been getting lots of buzz in the cloth diaper world and they are very reasonably priced ( 3 for $36.95) so I figured I would give them a go.

Smartipants claim to be smarter than your average cloth diaper and I do have to admit they boast a clever design. Here are just some of the features that make Smartipants a wise cloth diapering option.

Now that Eliza will lie still to get her diaper changed snaps are definitely the way to go. It is a pleasure not having to unvelcro all my cloth diapers after a wash. The diaper has lots of snap to help you get a perfect fit. The snaps are guaranteed for two years

Patented Smart Sleeve
One feature that is drawing lots of mom's to this diaper is the Smart Sleeve. You do NOT have to remove the insert prior to washing. It comes out every time.This isn't something that bothers me too much, but it can be pretty gross if you are changing a heavily soiled dipe. The Smart Sleeves has worked well so far and the inserts have come out in each wash. You can also order a 10-pack of Smart Sleeves for $20 so you can double up at nap time or at night.

Leak Guard Technology
Smartipants have an isolated insert lining that prevents leakage. I haven't had any leaks yet and that makes me one happy momma! The outer cover is leak proof which helps to make sure your little one stays dry.

I think these diapers are an excellent choice for moms who want a smartly priced one size diaper. They are available in seven different colors and fit babies from 7lbs-35lbs; so basically from birth to potty. I must admit I was surprised at how well this diaper worked for the price. Shame on me, I was expecting leaks. Fortunately, this is one time when being wrong is a PLUS.

My one gripe.

I am not a huge fan of pastel colors. I would love brighter bolder colors and/or pattern options with this dipe. I hope to see some in the future.

If you are are a cloth diapering momma looking to expand your stash or are just getting started with cloth make sure to check out Smartipants!

If you would like to see your diaper fabulously photographed on this tush you can e-mail me at Will work for cloth! :)


Slee said...

i love your cornfield picture more than your computer picture, ftr, but the computer one is soooo much more topical to their product name.
thanks for the honest and unbiased review.

Beth said...

I definitely think you should win the photo contest. My hubby saw your hubby's website and was so impressed he said we need to book him for our little guy's first photo shoot.

Rambling Rachel said...

Are these manufactured in the US?

The price point is great!

Alicia W. said...

LOVE the laptop picture. You are so clever.

La Mama Naturale' said...

Beautiful photos! She's such a dolly baby. Sounds like an awesome dipe. Would love to have some for Baby C. ;)

Christy said...

Gosh, she is so darn cute. I love that first picture.

Jinxy said...

My goodness E is such a pretty girl. I love both of those pictures.

I haven't heard of these diapers but they are such a great price and with your review I'll totally check them out if I need more.

We have been 100% disposable free for 2 months now and I love it.