Monday, July 27, 2009

A Surprise and Our Checking-in Visit at Hospital

My husband surprised me with this beautiful canvas on Saturday. It puts a smile on my face every time I see it hanging on the wall. Thanks babe.

On Sunday we had our checking-in visit at the hospital. We filled out a bunch of boring paperwork and spoke with one of the nurses. Just sitting in the waiting area in front of the nursery was giving me an anxiety attack. I was fine getting to the hospital and walking to the mother/infant care unit- but once I got there my heart started racing. My husband thinks I am nuts but I just can't seem to help my fight or flight response. I think part of it was the memories of being in the hospital with Eliza and the other part was the anticipation of the birth of this baby. I don't usually handle new situations/places/people all that well. It takes me a little while to situate myself.

I think I asked just about every question I planned on asking. However, I did forget to ask if it is a teaching hospital. I have no intention of being the guinea pig for teaching about checking the cervix. I'll pass.

Here are some of the other issues we discussed.

Wearing My own Clothes

The simple answer is yes. However, I would obviously need to wear something that is easily accessible and that could be ruined. I am sure I can find something on clearance at Target that both the staff and I would be comfortable with. The nurse was a little concerned that I might want to wear say a turtleneck and pants or a bedazzled gown?? I reassured her that this was NOT was I had in mind. I looked into purchasing a hospital gown but they are very pricey. My main concern with a standard hospital gown is that it is one size fits all-or most. If I plan on being up, walking around, using a birthing ball, etc it is going to be like a wedding gown on me. Someone is going to have to hold my train or bustle me up. The nurse said she didn't think the gowns were that big. I am estimating she was probably at least 5'8 and so of course things don't seem as big to her.


The baby will not receive the Hep B vaccination while in the hospital. This is something Peter and I have discussed and we believe this particular vaccine can wait. The other issue was the Vitamin K injection. I was hoping they offered the oral alternative-but they do not. So, I think (not yet 100%) Peter and I will opt for baby to receive the standard injection.

Routine IV
I asked if IV's are routinely given to all birthing mothers and of course I knew the answer before I heard it from the nurse. Not every mother who is giving birth needs an IV but they give you one anyway. I asked if a Hep-Lock is an option and it is, but I need to speak with my doctor about this on Friday. Hopefully, if there are no issues I can hydrate using clear liquids and will NOT get the IV unless necessary.

Fetal Monitoring
The nurses response to this was it all depends on the baby. Of course this means the hospital has a CYA policy. I hope to have intermittent monitoring if all is well with baby.

Cloth Diapers
I hadn't given much thought to cloth diapering in the hospital. However, when the nurse heard we did cloth diaper she said they would use our cloth diapers in the nursery if that was our wish. However, there is always a chance that something could get mixed up with hospital laundry. Since I am renting the diapers I am not sure this is a risk I want to take. I might use them while baby is in the room with me and use sposies when the baby is in the nursery. We haven't made our final decision yet. I would love input from someone who DID cloth diaper in the hospital!

Other than that we had a pretty uneventful weekend of getting ready for baby. Pete has a busy month with photo shoots in August so we are trying to get as ready as possible before baby arrives.


Christy said...

Not that my option matters at all, but I would just go with disposables at the hospital. You are going to be tired and overwhelmed. Don't stress about more than you have too.

Jinxy said...

What a beautiful surprise!

It sounds like you got a lot of good answers.
I was happy because our hospital has a vaccination opt out form and were pretty respectful of our decision. We did give Lily the oral vit. K but nothing else, not even the eye goop. Luckily my hubby was with Lily while I was being put back together or she would have gotten the eye stuff.

greenkiddo said...

first the picture is gorgeous! what a sweet gift from your hubby!

as for cloth diapers, does your baby have to go to the nursery? If not, I would just room in with baby and then you can do whatever you choose. Our hospital actually doesn't have a nursery anymore, everyone rooms in. they do have a short term nursery that the baby can go to if you want to nap or if the baby needs any monitoring, but besides that babe stays with mama. I have decided that I am going to wait to heal up from my c/s before I start cloth though b/c I will have enough of an adjustment going from 2 to 3 kids! and since I have to have a c/s I figure I should take two weeks before I add the extra laundry to my list!sh

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

beautiful picture. hope things smooth out for you. think positive thoughts... your beautiful baby will be here soon

Pam said...

That picture is just amazing! What a fabulous picture of you, baby and E with the beach in the background! Looks like you did your homework with the hospital, hopefully being informed and prepared will help your anxiety.

Beth said...

That canvas is gorgeous!

I second the comment above about keeping the baby out of the nursery, if possible. As for the diapers, could you get some cheap prefolds that wouldn't break your heart to lose if that happens?

Also, have you thought about hiring a doula? I know the money can be rough but it doesn't have to be a professional doula, necessarily. It could be a friend or family member (not your hubby) that believes in what you believe in and will stand up for your rights when you and hubs are caught up in the moment.

I also highly recommend writing a very detailed birth plan and making several copies for the entire staff to have on hand while you're in the hospital.

Missy said...

What a great surprise! Beautiful!

I never thought about cloth diapering in the hospital. Something else for me to think about... Your belly is gorgeous! :)

La Mama Naturale' said...

I love the canvas. What a beautiful picture. You look amazing. Good for you for standing your ground and staying strong about your decisions. I bet E is getting excited...!!! :)

Amber said...

haha! Greenkiddo and I birth at the same hospital...I just now started cloth at over 2 weeks...too overwhelming at first esp with a toddler too!