Monday, August 17, 2009

Ready as I'll Ever Be!

I am now 10 days away from my due date. Eliza was born 13 days early and it seems baby #2 is not in so much of a rush to meet his/her family! I have to say this baby seems awfully snug at the moment.

Eliza came down with Croup this past week and I am very happy that I wasn't in the hospital when it happened. I am anxious enough about being away from her for a few days. If she was sick and I had to leave her I would probably be a wreck. Luckily, we were able to catch the croup early and get her meds before it became serious. I can't even imagine trying to give Eliza breathing treatments. Her cough is doing better and hopefully she will be 100% in a few days.

So...are we ready for baby?

Cute Newborn Dipes- Check
Does it get any cuter? Kissaluvs Cloth Diaper Size 0
Bassinet Downstairs- Check!

Suitcase packed /w/ adorable picture of Eliza- Check!

Co sleeper Upstairs- Check!
However, we do need to alter sheet. Instead of buying co-sleeper sheets I am using organic cotton king sized pillow cases. We still need to sew them and add some Velcro.

To Do
  • Put clean car seat cover on and snap into base
  • Fix co sleeper sheet
  • Install infant car seat adaptor to BOB stroller


Pam said...

Seems like you are just about as ready as can be! I'm sure you will get to meet your new little one soon!!

Future Mom (Heather) said...

so exciting! tomorrow would be a great day to be born :)

MarvelousMOM said...

Wow, you are so close!! To me, it seems like it has flown...but that could be because I have been consumed with Skylar! So excited for you and ready to see baby pictures!!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like you are ready. Hope your little one makes an appearance soon

CC said...

so close!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend's baby was just born this morning. Hopefully you are next. ;)

Christy said...

You are ready. Now get busy giving birth!