Friday, October 23, 2009

Noodles 4 Brains

I officially have noodles for brains. I missed Jude's two month appointment yesterday. I knew it was on October 22 at 9:00 a.m. I just didn't know that the 22 was a Thursday and not a Friday. Oops. I was so upset when I found out. Luckily, Pete called and got me in for a weight check this morning. I don't know why they didn't just schedule me a regular appointment. They did pretty much everything they do at a check-up except measure his length and head. I wasn't prepared to do vaccines but the doctor asked me what I wanted to do and I made a decision. I was annoyed that I hadn't checked my Dr. Sears vaccine book last night. Under normal circumstances Jude would have received 5 ( YES 5) vaccines today. Instead, he received the DTaP and the Rotovirus. Luckily , when I got home I saw that those were the two recommended by Dr. sears on the alternative schedule. We will go back in a month to do more. Normally, they would not see him again for two months. We will just go in more often so we can spread it out. This does mean more co-pays but I feel much more comfortable stretching them out.

Jude weighed in at 12lbs 6oz- exactly two pounds since the last visit. This is a good weight gain and I am pleased. He has changed so much in two months. He is not nearly as fussy as he was in the first sex weeks. Most of he time he is a happy smiley little guy. He has also become much more relaxed in the past few weeks. He will sleep in his bouncy seat or swing (still not the bassinet).
Eliza is also great. She is doing a great job as big sister. I am amazed at how well she plays independently. Somewhere between 23 and 24 months she really started using her imagination a ton. It is crazy to see the transformation. She has also suddenly become a cuddly child. She has never been big on physical affection but lately after naps she wants to cuddle with mommy. I must admit that I LOVE this change.I think she might be getting two year molars- but each ime I check I am scared I might lose a finger.

Pete is going to be working VERY late for a while. Last night he didn't get home until almost midnight. I was at my mom's most of this week and will be going back next week. My dad is off and my SIL is staying at my mom's. i think it is really important to surround myself with family and friends. Which brings me to the Zoloft. I took one dose and it messed my stomach up pretty bad. I haven't taken it again. Pete also brought up that it could make me drowsy and that could be unsafe in a co-sleeping situation. Not cool. I would really like to work through this without meds.

In light of Pete's late hours I am considering having a mommy's helper come over a few nights a week. It would be someone to help out with the kids (play with E!) in the evening.

so that's the update here on the home front- except I am not really sure where home is right now.


Andrea said...

You're not the only one...I've missed way too many appt.'s since I had kids! Oops. I *think* I've finally learned my lesson now and ALWAYS check the calander to make sure that what I thought was right, was right! Btw...Jude is adorable and I love that picture in the last post of his big grin!! And Eliza is cute as a button too...looking so grown up!

Christy said...

I forget lots of stuff - like to even schedule appointments.

We have that same bouncy seat!

Pam said...

I'm brain dead these days myself. Don't feel bad! I do stuff like that all the time- I have even missed my mom's birthday. I KNOW when her birthday is- I just didn't know the date on that day to realize it was her birthday! I wish I could think and function. :(

Yeah for Jude growing and doing so well! he is a handsome man!

Sheri said...

I am a total dope since I had kids. I used to be so sharp. LOL

Jude looks so much like Eliza.

Dana said...

Working in the Psych Unit I have learned a lot about different medications. Zoloft is the type of Med that your body just needs to get adjusted to.. It may make you drowsy the first few doses you take so you may just want to take it at night until your body regulates.. same thing goes for the upset stomach, you just need to take it a few times and your stomach will adjust.. I did some research on Meds for work last year.. I will see if I still have the Doc and send it to you.. But I would take the small dosage at night, you' be surprised how it can really help.. There is NOTHING wrong with taking Meds to get yourself back on track!!!

Tracy said...

If def. missed an appt. or two. Once I called to check the date of an upcoming appointment and they said "Um, it was yesterday". Now everything goes on the calendar and if I am lucky I remember to check it.

Missy said...

wow, Baby Jude looks so much like his big sister! :)

Don't stress about missing the appointment - it happens to everyone. Not like you have anything better to be thinking about!

bianca said...

Was that a Freudian slip in paragraph 3? ;) Sorry... I'll grow up now. :)

Amber said... I'm just really impressed that your bed is made in that pic of E!! haha!