Monday, January 4, 2010

Are you a FuNkY MoNkEy?

I am always looking for new snack ideas for myself and Eliza. I was recently sent some Funky Monkey snacks to try and they were YUMMY! Eliza loved the name and was excited to try them. What are Funky Monkey snacks? Funky Monkey is "Fruit that Crunches" made from real fruit using a proprietary freeze-drying process which removes 97 percent of the moisture. They end up being nutritionally equivalent to their fresh counterpart. WOOT WOOT! This process is not used on any other snack product in the U.S. The snacks are 100% fruit with no added sugar, colors, or preservatives. Each 1oz bag contains 3 servings of fruit.

My little monkey and I devoured them.

We sampled three different flavors: Applemon, MangOJ, and Pink Pineapple. You don't have to eat yours out of your Exersaucer.

I absolutely loved the Pink Pineapple while Eliza preferred the Applemon. The bags were gone as quickly as they arrived. Eliza found the Applmon on the table and pulled it off-spilling the contents everywhere. That didn't stop her from eating them of course.

Some of the snacks are USDA Organic. Here is the breakdown of five of the seven flavors. The Bananamon, JiveALime, and Purple Funk are 100% organic! Pink Pineapple is 95% organic and Carnaval Mix is 70% organic. I didn't see info on the site regarding the other two flavors. They are also Raw and Vegan.

For more information visit

I will definitely include some in my next Amazon order. YUMMY


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

sounds interesting. I may have to check it out

La Mama Naturale' said...

I'll have to look out for those. My monkey might enjoy them also. :) Tagged you for the Happy 101 Award.

Amber said...

They look deee lish! I had to laugh when I saw E in the exersaucer! k has climbed in there recently, too!

Quirky Momma said...

Sounds yummy!