Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Eliza...a look back

Happy 5th Birthday Eliza Marie! 

I really can't believe it has been five years! 

Here's a look back...

 Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday! You have been a big sister for exactly one month.

Happy 3rd Birthday!
Pack your bags we are moving to Charlotte in a few days!

Happy 4th Birthday! 
This was taken a week after your 4th Birthday. We moved into our house in North Charleston on the day before your birthday. You ended up sick with a stomach virus on the 18th.

Four has been a big year for Eliza. She learned how to ride a two wheeler, learned to read and do a cartwheel. I can't wait to see what her 5th year will bring.

and we are packing our bags again to move...in less than two weeks!  Seems like September is a popular time for us to move.


Christy said...

Five is fun! I loved this age with Porgie.

Happy birthday little lady!