Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Week Flying!

I have been using the FlyLady system for about a week and so far so good. I am not following it to a tee however because I think having a toddler makes some things difficult. For example, waking up before my family is not realistic right now for me. E sleeps in the bed so I need to act as a barrier- hee hee. Also, the getting dressed first thing in the morning just doesn't work for me. For one thing, unless I am putting on a warm sweat suit, the thought of putting on cold jeans on a winter morning is just torture. So I get dressed when E goes down for her first nap. This works very well for me and for E too. I still lay out all my clothes at night- I just don't put them on until 10:00. I know I am a lazy a$$. In the summer maybe I will get dressed to flip flops in the early morn- but who knows!

The morning routine and bedtime routine have helped me tremendously. I am just a flybaby so my routines are still brandy new. I know most of you are probably thinking DUH! but I really need a set routine or I am lost.

Here is what I do in the morning....every morning.

  1. Get up
  2. Start Laundry if needed
  3. Make/Eat/Clean Up Breakfast
  4. Check e-mail/blog
  5. Check Google calendar/RSVP's/Bulletin Board
  6. Swiffer dust downstairs
  7. Swish/Wipe downstairs bathroom
  8. Prep for dinner if possible

and my bed time routine is

  1. sweep kitchen floor
  2. shine sink & make sure kitchen is neat and tidy
  3. take out food to defrost food for following day
  4. check hot spots- dining room table, hallway & stairs
  5. clean E's toys
  6. shower yada yada yada
  7. lay out clothes for next day- mine and E's
  8. RELAX!
Both routines take me no time at all. Pete also has a few things he is doing that make my life much easier. As of right now this system is working for me. I finally feel like I have things coming together! Let's just see if I can keep it that way.


Lori said...

glad you found a routine that works for you

Jen R. said...

Oh my gosh, I've never heard of this site so I checked it out and I am so excited! I am currently living in chaos. I need help! ha ha My husband is going to be so much happier once I learn to be a flybaby! ha ha This sounds like I'm joking but I'm so serious!

Anonymous said...

You get dressed by 10 AND swiffer every day??? You're my hero!!!

2Forgetful said...

Keep up the great work! I've been "flying" for two years and started when my twins were 9 months old. Our household is definitely a better place when I keep on top of my routines.

Melissa said...

Eliza was too cute in her Halloween costume! Routines SAVE me! I love being able to predict what's going to happen next!! You'll do beautifully! Thanks for your comments on my blog...it's good to know that I'm not alone in all my thinking. If you'd like to mention that we're some girls who are starting out in motherhood...and/or in our 30s who are going through life without our moms...esp having children without our moms and the heartbreak of it...you can clean that up :)

PS I can't believe you clean the bathroom everyday! GOOD FOR YOU!!! You need a hazmat suit in our house...esp around the litter boxes! I SUCK!

Rebekah Gonzalez said...

WOW you are so much more put together than I am... kudos to you for keeping up...I am onboard with flybaby

Andrea said...

Yeah, I've heard that Flylady is good...but I've never tried her! Maybe I should check it out. :)

Anonymous said...

don't feel too bad...sometimes I don't get dressed til noon, when N takes his nap. And even then, I debate,,shower? or nap?
Good for you for sticking to a routine. I try to keep some what to one. Some days, it all unravels on me!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, you've inspired me to try to fly again on this side of mommy hood. I need it now more than ever