Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Poop Stress

I didn’t know about poop stress until I became a mom. If you are a mom you know what I am talking about. I have become obsessed with bowel movements. Poop stress also includes fretting over color, smell and consistency; don’t forget concerns over the gas that accompanies said bowels. I had a recent bout of poop stress over the past few days. It all started when I noticed a few dark flakes or specks of a dark color in Eliza’s diapers over the weekend. Was it green? Was it black? Was it red or blood!!! I had to make closer inspection to be sure! Yes I know this is extremely gross. No one said poop stress was going to be pretty. I sure would like to see that guy from Dirty Jobs come to my house and do this job! If you had told me one year ago I would be examining poop with the seriousness of a CSI I would have laughed at you. Well, now I have become the Grisham of poop. Maybe I will star in a spin off entitled CSI: The Diaper. Anyhoo, I smear it with a wipe and it appears to be green. Just to be sure I save the diaper to share with my DH. I know this is just what he wants to see after a satisfying round of golf. We both agree it is green and call the pediatrician. The doc of course gives the answer that has become the answer I received to all pregnancy and mommy questions. “That is normal.” Apparently every problem I had while pregnant was normal. Now every issue my daughter has is normal as well. We are just boring I guess. Of course I went to the doctor of Google and inquired further only to come up empty. Yesterday was filled with painful gas for Eliza. I felt terrible but what could I really do but wait it out. I pumped those little legs and hope to give her some sweet relief. Really, the only thing I could do was hold my breath for more evidence. Luckily, today I was granted a diaper that even made this CSI proud!


Lori said...

Just wait until she starts eating solid foods! As for the gas if it continues to bug her, Little Tummies Gas drops were a miracle cure for Blake. And for the really bad days (or if you are into more organic type solutions) Gripe Water! (Gripe water can be found in stores like GNC). Just know you are not alone, and soon those green specks will be peas!