Wednesday, January 9, 2008

a bit of this and a bit of that after sleeping through the night since 10 weeks old my baby girl was up at 1:30 a.m. last night. Maybe she had gas or didn't feel well. Maybe it is a growth spurt. Whatever it is, I hope it is a passing trend. I was starting to enjoy sleeping a little too much to stop now.

Yesterday I received my new swaddle blankest from and I love, love, love them. I washed them right away so we could start using them immediately. They are an excellent size, even bigger than my blanket by swaddle designs. Plus, after you wash the blankets they get all soft and waffly.

The heat wave we are experiencing inspired me to go out with the stroller for a nice long walk yesterday. The last time I took this very same walk was on Halloween. During my walk I realized that I am very out of shape. Now, I only walk around one block- but it is one very long block. I think it is about 2 miles- oh and very hilly too. I made this same walk numerous times during my pregnancy. About half way around I would have a desperate urge to pee. Yet, I never learned my lesson and made the walk just about every day. This time around I felt like I was running a marathon and not just taking a casual stroll. My legs were burning and itching. My lungs felt like they were about to explode; and this was just after getting the stroller out of the car. At the half way point I didn’t have to pee, but I thought I might need the medi-vac to come take me home. I started texting on my phone so if people saw me stopped they wouldn’t know I was catching my breath. I was also wishing I had put more thought into my outfit which consisted of a heavy sweater and skinny jeans. I actually think my legs were swelling at one point and my jeans were getting tighter and tighter. I always get sausage fingers when I walk, but I have never before experienced sausage legs. I now have realized I really need to start exercising. If I am going to lose that last 10 lbs I had better step up my game. No more just watching the Biggest Loser and hoping to lose weight by osmosis.


Tara said...

haha guess it can be very very hard in many ways! you'll be back in shape in no time... I bet you are already! BEST OF LUCK! AND CONGRATS! it'll all be worth it..... I think lol. love to you and the fam!!! 2 cute! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxxoxoxoox