Saturday, February 16, 2008

My New Team Member- Future Mom

I hope you enjoyed the post by Future Mom. I have asked her to join me in my blogging quest. Future mom is a long time friend. She was my college roommate and we lived together for five years. She loves researching all things baby and I wanted her to start her own blog to share the wealth. Since two heads are better than one we just decided to join forces.

Here is a pic of us!

More on Happiest Baby on the Block and I how I discovered its miracles...

This book was truly a lifesaver for me and Future Mom is the one who introduced me to the book and its techniques. As I had said in my breastfeeding post I did not figure out how to calm my baby until a friend showed me how when she was 9 weeks old. During a visit, Future Mommy saw that Eliza would not sleep unless I was holding her. She was also very fussy. At the time I was stressed and not able to get anything done! Every time I put her down to sleep she would wake herself up with her flailing arms. Future Mommy swaddled her tightly and she fell asleep like magic. It was an amazing life changing moment. She slept longer and more soundly than she had in nine weeks. DH and I had given up on swaddling because we thought Eliza did not like to be swaddled. She did struggle at first but then she grew to welcome and enjoy swaddling. That weekend I rushed out to get a copy of the book. I have used many of the techniques since purchasing the book. In fact I think the swaddling worked so well I might just be doing it until my daughter enters college. She is five months old and still needs to be swaddled. Some people think it hinders physical development to swaddle for this long-but she is just not ready to sleep without her wrap. I have tried and she just can't settle down. I see no reason to rush the transition so for now I am the proud mommy of a little burrito baby.


Here she is wrapped in a amazing swaddle blanket from aden + anais.


Future Mom (Heather) said...

Glad I could help! Hopefully you will share some motherly knowledge when it's my turn with a new baby :)

(Especially about the babywearing stuff which I love but don't quite understand how they stay in those things!)

Leeann said...

I LOVED to swaddle my babies. My husband and I are "famous" (yeah, it's going to our heads) for the extremely tight (yet effective) swaddling, among our friends and family. They will bring us their kids to swaddle! :)