Saturday, February 16, 2008

Babywearing Fun

Here are some pics of Eliza in the hotsling. I know I look like a hot mess in most of my pictures. I swear I did not always look like a candidate for What not to Wear! Although lately I have been secretly hoping Stacy and Clinton will run up to me with a camera crew and a $5,000 credit card.



I have also been practicing with my Babyhawk Mei Tai. I purchased the Tummy 2 Tummy DVD and I have been watching it for a few days straight. I am addicted. If you are interested in this DVD you can purchased it from Peppermint.

I wore the Mei Tai to the mall yesterday and Eliza napped cozily in there for almost the whole time. There were a couple of babies in strollers and I know they were jealously eyeing Eliza.


I hope to make videos of some carries but I need a cord for my JVC that plugs into the computer.


Pam said...

Very nice! I know that this was not a big thing when I had my daughter (or at least I didn't hear much about it) and now with my son, I do much more of it then I did with my daughter. Good for you!

Lori said...

Look are you and your slings! She looks content in them... and I am right there with you on the What Not to Wear... I'm so ready for a new wardrobe, of course I'll wait until after baby #2 is born before I jump for joy over new clothes (o:

Tere said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I too am a big believer in slings... for me, it was the Maya Wrap. I love my trusty black one, but if I get pregnant again, I'll most likely explore other brands and get a funky design.