Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rolling Over

Yay!!! My little one (LO) finally rolled from back to front yesterday. Of course the first time she performed the stunt I was not looking. I got her the second time around. I have to give thanks to our bird Zazu. It was straining to see him that pushed her over. She has been rolling from front to back for weeks- but just could not get back the other way. Darn those pesky arms. Here are some pics. The last one I like to call Bird's Eye View!!!




Check out this fun site!!!



Lori said...

awww so cute... isn't growth fun! just wait soon she will be creeping and crawling!

heather said...

Congrats Eliza! That website is pretty cool. It reminds me of biology class! My kids have 100% for blue eyes if they are ever born :)