Monday, February 4, 2008


In my quest to drop the baby weight I decided to check out the book Skinny B#tch. I knew it had something to do with a Vegan diet because I remember seeing it on Yummy Mummy on morning. Well, it is about a vegan diet and after you read the book you might have a little difficulty eating meat again. I have a very soft spot for animals as it is. I had a stint as a semi-vegetarian back in my teens but I lived mainly off of cheese sandwiches. Now I am thinking of going vegan and I have been keeping away from all meat and dairy for about two week. Of course I have dealt with people’s reactions that it is crazy or weird- yada, yada. It is funny how people wouldn’t care if I ate fast food everyday or stuffed myself full of junk. That is completely acceptable in our society. I don’t know why people care so much what I eat anyway.

Another issue is whether or not I will raise my daughter as a veghead. The answer is, “I really don’t know.” I have only altered my diet for a few weeks and I am really not ready to make that decision at this point. However, after reading that one well known chicken company used rotten chicken mixed with good chicken for baby food, I might err on the side of no meat. I am amazed at what companies will do to make a profit. It is very SAD! I would never force Eliza not to eat meat but as her parent she will obviously know my views. My DH is not going vegan- Yet! I am sure little E will get her fair share of meat from him. Just no deer jerky please! The smell makes me want to vomit.

Check out Skinny B$t$c if you are more interested in this type of diet. The book is informative even if you don’t go veg. It has lots of interesting information. Especially interesting are the chapters on sugar and artificial sweeteners! The girls are very blunt and yes BITCHY- but certainly they get their point across!

*OT* I just won a Babyhawk XT reversible Mei Tai Asian Baby Carrier on Ebay and I am so excited. I will update when it arrives.



terry said...

hi dan it's terry just wanted you to know how beautiful youe baby is.Hank sends me up dates all the and I so look foward to watching her grow up.It seems like yesterday I was at the shower and look at her now.All I can say is enjoy her.Babys are a blessing which you already know and ment for us to enjoy every monment of every day.They grow fast so keep me posetd.

terryand ed