Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snowy Day

It is a snowy day here in Dirty Jerz. The weather is blah and that's how I feel. I have a case of "end of maternity leave blues." I go back to work in 16 days and Bubba Fresh has to go to day care. I keep telling my husband she is just not a day care kinda girl. I love her dearly,but she is demanding and high need. I am scared she will be crying all day long. I know things will probably be fine; but what if they aren't OK. What if Eliza Marie is a day care drop out. I just know they can't give her the attention that I can.

I called the day care center today and was told I have to drop off her stuff the week before she starts. I have a LONG list of things she needs and I better get started with putting it all together.

I am going to go throw myself a pity party now.

bye for now




Pam said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! I had a hard time going back to work when my maternity leave ended. Riley
(my son) was 4 months old. I was tired and not up to the challenge. Let me know if I can help at all. I can relate to what you are going through.

I teach 2nd grade and some days I am down right angry that I take care of other people's children instead of my own.

One day at a time-that is how we get through!

Lori said...

she is so cute. I hope things go well for her in day care... I'm sure your class misses you and is ready to have their teacher back