Saturday, March 22, 2008

100 things about me!

I have reached and surpassed the 100th blog entry. I figure better late than never. So here are 100 facts about me for your reading pleasure or displeasure or whatever.

  1. I was born in Rahway Hospital on New years Day 1980. I was not the first baby born so I was gypped out of all the goodies. I have been playing catch up ever since.
  2. I hate my birthday. Everyone is always busy.
  3. My full name is Danielle Marie Tamez.
  4. I did not change my name when I got married.
  5. I got married in Cancun, Mexico at the Moon Palace Resort and Spa.
  6. I have lived in New Jersey my whole life
  7. I plan on getting out of New Jersey ASAP
  8. My first dog's name was Rags and he was an awesome wired hair fox terrier
  9. I am 28 years young. Actually, I don't mind growing old- it is better than the alternative.
  10. I have hazel eyes- but sometimes I say they are green
  11. I am 5'2 1/2- don't forget the half
  12. I am vegan
  13. I have always driven Volkswagens. I have had 4 VW's
  14. My next car will most likely not be a VW
  15. I once crashed into a toll booth.
  16. and a yellow pole at 7-11
  17. and a tree
  18. and lots of curbs
  19. and a car- oops. In my defense I Will Always Love You was on the radio and you really need to belt that one out.
  20. My husband and I both graduated from Monmouth University
  21. We were both president of our Greek organizations. Phi Sigma Kappa and Theta Phi Alpha
  22. In college I earned a full academic scholarship for three years of school. I am not smart- I just work hard.
  23. I went to France for a month to learn French. Je m'appelle Danielle. That is all I remember
  24. My favorite movie is Gone with The Wind. I want to be Scarlett O' Hara- or at least I want her waist size.
  25. I also love the movie Almost Famous. I secretly wish I could live the life of a Band Aid.
  26. I decided to get bangs after I saw Kate Hudson with bangs. I hate my ginormous forehead.
  27. I don't shave my legs much in the winter. Ew gross- I know. I'm a woolly mammoth
  28. I don't know my limits when I drink alcohol. I am like the Energizer bunny- I just keep going, and going...
  29. I had a miscarriage on Thanksgiving Day in 2006. It was one of the worst day's of my life
  30. While pregnant with Eliza I had a Doppler because I was so nervous about losing the baby
  31. I love the Beatles
  32. and Bob Dylan
  33. and Johnny Cash
  34. and anything my parents listened to when I was little
  35. I have half of my master's completed (Reading Specialist)
  36. I have three cats: Gary, Tigger and Myrtle- all rescued
  37. I used to work at a Veterinary Hospital
  38. I wanted to be a Vet but did not have the self-confidence to pursue this dream
  39. I think it is more important to be smart than attractive
  40. I helped my dog Chiquita (you are missed) deliver two amazing litters of puppies.
  41. I am a huge Harry Potter fan- hence a cat named after Moaning Myrtle.
  42. I currently teach Kindergarten
  43. In the past I have taught 3rd and 4th grade
  44. I listen to Howard Stern even though he can be off color. I like the sound of his voice
  45. I do not gamble- I have no luck. I don't even know what I would say if I wanted a lottery ticket
  46. I love to swim. I am pretty good considering I never had any lessons.
  47. I suffer from anxiety and have troubling calling places of business
  48. I also don't like new experiences at first. There is my anxiety again.
  49. My favorite color is Purple. I have a purple couch. My husband has cut me off from buying things that are purple.
  50. I went to England for two weeks when I was 12 to visit a family I met while in Jamaica.
  51. I am an aunt. I have two beautiful nieces and a handsome nephew.
  52. I have been to 3 Madame Tussaud's wax museums.
  53. I can't sing or draw very well. I refused to sing in third grade and told the teacher my parents would disown me if I sang in public.
  54. I tried to learn to knit but it didn't last. I did make a few scarves
  55. I love, love, love to dance
  56. I dance with Ellen DeGeneres almost everyday
  57. I am a huge Smallville fan. I have a thing for Super Heroes
  58. Reading is my favorite hobby. I can get lost in a book. I will read almost everything.
  59. except Mrs. Dalloway. I just can't understand the writing style of Virginia Woolf-she makes my brain hurt
  60. When I was a preteen I watched Nick at Night all the time. I idolized Mary Tyler Moore and finally met her when I was 15.
  61. If I did not have to work I would grow my hair into dreadlocks
  62. Writing is a challenge for me. Even though I enjoy it - I can't always find the words to say what I mean
  63. I type V-E-E-E-R-R-R-Y SSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLLLLYYYYY. If I typed faster I would post more entries
  64. I love salsa and hot sauce. I can eat hot sauce on almost anything
  65. I once refused to sit on the leather couch in my apartment for a year. It was a roommate 's and I didn't want a leather couch. SOOOO-I sat on the floor.
  66. I have had red, black, and blond hair.
  67. In college I cut my hair off and it was only about an inch long.
  68. I am a sloppy mess. There is nothing clean about me. :(
  69. I have had braces two times. I might need them again if I don't get a retainer for my bottom teeth. If I didn't have social anxiety disorder my teeth would be straight- because I could call and make myself an appointment.
  70. I am learning HTML and CSS for fun. It makes my brain hurt too.
  71. I can never remember if turkey has an e in it. turky or turkey
  72. My favorite word is genre. I love the way it rolls off the tongue. Say it with me- GENRE
  73. There aren't many pets that I haven't had. I have had birds, cats dogs, frogs, turtles, mice, snakes, hamsters, fish, rabbits. I had a two pet Caterpillars. They lived in my window box but were gone when I got home from Mexico. I miss you squishy one and squishy two.
  74. Thinking of 100 things is much harder than I anticipated
  75. I love Christmas and Christmas Carols. I watch One Magic Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life every single year
  76. I work over an hour away from where I live
  77. I actually live at my mom's house during the week
  78. I do not excel at any sport that involves an apparatus- bat, ball, hoop, racket, etc.
  79. I love to cook- but not clean up after I cook. Isn't that why you have kids?
  80. I hate to shop. I hate to spend money. I am cheap.
  81. I walk around the store with any item I am going to buy. I usually can convince myself I don't need it and end up putting it back.
  82. I can never remember birthdays. Maybe it is because I hate mine. Or maybe I think you all should have been born on a holiday to make it easier for me.
  83. I love to take pictures and would love to learn more about photography. My husband shares this passion.
  84. I hate golf. My husband does not share this passion. A ball and a club- GGGRRR Want to go swimming instead?
  85. I never run a fever when I am sick.
  86. I rarely wear jewelry and if I do it is usually rings. I never wear a watch.
  87. I like the smell of Pete's armpits. YUMM-O
  88. My bathroom is Pepto Bismol pink. The hubs said no more purple.
  89. I suffer from IBS. I once took a medicine for this ailment that ended up killing people.
  90. I want to be a SAHM.
  91. I picked up my husband at a frat party. I took him for a ride in my Volkswagen Corrado. I thought I was hot stuff driving my stick shift.
  92. My husband says I was terrible at driving stick that night. I still think I was hot stuff.
  93. I am in desperate need of a pedicure but I am too afraid to get one after seeing a a Rachael Ray episode on staff infections and salons.
  94. I have zero sense of direction. When people give me directions I just smile and nod.
  95. I have no intention of going to my class reunion. In the end I will probably change my mind and go.
  96. I would love to own my own business someday. I just don't know what it would be.
  97. I want a large family. I just don't want to give birth that many times. I would adopt in a second if I had the money. I would also like to have foster children.
  98. bottles of beer on the wall. OK that is cheating. But seriously this is no joke thinking of all these things.
  99. I would like to get pregnant again as early as this summer- or as soon as my abs go back in place.
  100. I am so thankful for my blessed life and all of the people who are a part of my wonderful journey.
  101. and one for good luck


LaskiGal said...

This is sooooo cool! I loved learning more about you. We have a lot in common. I'd go through the list, but I honestly think it would take too long!

In a nutshell, we share fears, a favorite movie, being a teacher but once wanting to be a doctor (me an MD), the fact that I am an English teacher, but like you, Virginia Woolf can make my brain hurt. I could go on . . .

Pam said...

I knew I love you for a reason....I am a purple freak myself. My bedroom is painted purple, purple carpet and bedding. hubby said I could have one room to be in my purple glory. I buy things just because they are purple. I too wish I was a SAHM but go to teach each day instead.

Lori said...

that was fun to read! I don't think I could think of that many things to say about myself!

CC said...

super fun list! I especially like your excuse for your car crash into a car :) :)

I'm embarrased to say it was quite easy for me to come up with 100 and could have probably done 100 more ;)

Jen said...

Loved it. I too love purple and used to be a teacher. Thanks so much for all the support about daycare. I'm terrified of the sickness thing. Cross your fingers that he has a perfect immune system - ha ha.


maitresse said...

virginia woolf actually makes your brain hurt?? either you had a bad teacher or you have a weak brain! (kidding)

No but seriously, please don't write her off. Find someone who can help you through it-- some things in life are worth struggling through: motherhood and Virginia Woolf.

Pam said...

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Easter!!

jason said...

Great post. I've found a website that can help you overcome
anxiety disorder and such. Might want to give it a try at

Mrs. F said...

What a great list. I love these things and given the time I could come up with a few more things to add to my list.

It is fun to see how much we have in common with random strangers, huh! I, like you, hate golf. I mean hate. Ugh!

I found you because I was looking for a "100 things" button for the side of my page, so I googled 100 things blogs. You were there.