Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fun with Celebrity Look Alikes

Dana over at Just Talk got me thinking about my celebrity look alikes. I have been told I look like Kate Beckinsdale but she didn't come up!

Who do you look like?
Check it out at MyHeritage


Dana said...

I'm told I look like Reese Witherspoon!!

Pam said...

I'm too scared to play will probably tell me I look like Elvira or something crazy like a man! You on the other hand look great and have hot look alikes!

30 Minute Mommy said...

Pam! There were some homely ones but I left those out! I am sure you would have beautiful look alikes!

LaskiGal said...

I love these, but it told me I look liked a few men . . . I was sad. They were handsome men, but what does that say about me?!?!