Friday, March 21, 2008

My Bazzle Baby!

Last week before the onset of the tummy bug I received a Banda Bib and a Big Bib in the mail. Both products come from the amazing company Bazzle Baby.

Eliza is teething big time and I can barely keep up with her drool. She is a drool queen and her shirt always ends up soaking wet. The day care requests 5 or 6 bibs a day and she wears one all day long. This is not very stylin for my rock star peanut. When I found the Banda Bib I immediately was in lust. It is a bib that looks like a bandanna. How cute is that? It is super stylish and looks adorable with any outfit. This is a great alternative to a standard bib wich did nothing for Elzia's fashion sense. I figure at least one of us had better look good- and these days it most often is not me. It is super absorbent and fits close to the chin so her little neck won't get all wet.

I sent Eliza to day care with her Banda Bib and I am pretty sure the other tots were jealous. The ladies that care for lil E loved it! They thought it was for her head before I put it on as a bib. They were really impressed by how it stayed close to the chin and caught the dribble! I let them know that Banda Bibs are now available at Target!

The other awesome bib from Bazzle Baby is the Big Bib. We started giving Eliza solids and I figured most of the food would end up on her and not in her. Little did I know I started solids on the same day she would end up with a tummy bug! I needed a good bib to keep her dry. I used my new Bib Big which is 10 x 13 inches and it worked great. I especially like the soft chenille backing. Eliza had tons of fun with her cereal and stayed very dry. Photobucket

Another great thing is that the bibs are adjustable. A lot of the bibs I purchased when Eliza was a baby are too small for her now and in turn a big waste of money. I am adding these bibs to my list of must haves for new moms.

Once you get your Bazzle Baby gear you can take a pic and send it in to the company. They are holding a contest and one baby will be featured on the front page of the website and win gifts valued at $210. I am entering Eliza and she is pretty darn cute! Bring on the competition.


Anonymous said...

that is a great idea. my little man is a drool bug too. it bugs daddy to see a bib on him all the time (me 2) i will have to check it out. thanks.
hope ur little one is better! my heart goes out to u!

Lori said...

what cute bibs! Blake is still a major drool monster when teething.

hope Eliza is feeling better (and you too!)

Andrea said...

Those bibs sound great! I might have to look into them for baby #2 since Tate never really had much of a drool problem. :) And Eliza is cute...I bet she'll win!

Pam said...

Those are great ideas! Riley is a drooler- big time. He often gets that rash from too much drool. I should look into this!

Little E is so cute and is a shoe in to win!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Those are awesome bibs...I really could have used those with my own girls!

Now I struggle to get them to use napkins. ;)

p.s. your baby is adorable!

Amber said...

I love the bib. Kaelin was a big time drooler at this stage, too...she also wore a bib all day...