Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back to work brain

Mommy brain was nothing compared to back to work brain. I was just sitting here staring out the window, chewing my nail without a thought in my mushy little cabeza. I can't seem to string words together or think of anything to write.
Think...Think...Think... OUCH!

Tomorrow Eliza goes to day care for the first time. Up until now my mom has been watching her while I am at work. I started feeling the stress on my way home from school. I am mainly worried about her sleeping while she is there. My concern is that she still needs to be wrapped, and rocked, and shushed, and patted and yada, yada, etcetera, etcetera. They don't really seem to do any of those things at this place. And the icing on the cake is I have a meeting after school and will be getting home later than usual. I don't know if I should or shouldn't call at my lunch. I guess maybe no news is good news.

I need to provide the day care with a picture of the people who are permitted to pick up my cutie patootie. We used the timer on the camera to take the picture. I think it came out really cute. The funny thing is that we are all either squatting or lunging so we can fit in the frame- but you really can't tell that from the final picture. If I handed in all of these pictures, they probably would have refused to hand her over to any of us nut jobs. Here are our attempts at a family picture. It was a good ol' time.

Photobucket UM- I think they need to see our faces. Let's try this again!


Having fun yet? I know I am!


Seriously though-I enjoy being back at work but I really miss Eliza. When I arrived home today she was on the rug and really movin and groovin. She was tucking her legs up under her butt and rolling all around. She changes so much each and every day. I love all of the little milestones. See what I mean? I was at work for just two days and she learned to read! I feel like I am missing out.


Wish me luck tomorrow. I need to put on my big girl pants and make it through the day.


Dana said...

You'll be fine!! And just remember, so will Eliza!! I bet she'll like the comotion around her, the hustle and bustle of all the other babies.
Love You....

P.S.- love the family pics.. love how Pete's still representing Groove Lounge, LOL...

Lori said...

I know it is hard but you will be fine... you'll be busy at work with everything that goes on there that time will go by faster than you realize... and Eliza will adjust it may take a few days, but she will be JUST FINE!

Pam said...

You know I WILL be thinking of you! I hope your meeting doesn't take too long so you can get to your little girl soon! I think if you feel the need to call that you should call. Do what you feel best about. They are serving you....if you need to hear it is going well, call. Also, if Eliza is used to being treated a certain way to sleep, they should be doing their best to follow that routine. It is one thing when she is older and more of a toddler, but being an infant - she should be able to follow her routine. Of course, I am a pushy mommy I guess.

Amber said...

Your family picture attempt is hilarious...Eliza looks so cute in the bumbo reading!

Jen said...

I'll be starting the day care transition in a couple of weeks as well. Please keep us updated how it goes, what you like about it, what you wish you knew before starting. I'm on pins and needles.


Sheri said...

I bet being back at work REALLY makes you appreciate the little things even more. It will make the time you have with her more special.