Saturday, March 29, 2008

Beautiful Slideshow

I found this link over at Baby Love Slings. It is a compilation of baby wearing mothers from all over the globe. The wraps are gorgeous and the baby's are adorable. I watched the whole thing and it is really awesome. My personal favorite is the mom who is rowing a boat while wearing and breastfeeding her baby. Why the heck am I complaining about not being able to get things done? Check it out- even if you don't view the whole thing.


Pam said...

very cool! Just don't tell hubby people can do other things while breastfeeding....I wouldn't want to interrupt my lazy routine ;)

Christy said...

The slideshow was very neat. Izzy didn't like being cradled in our sling, but he LOVES to sit up in it. Every time I use the sling, I get numerous compliments.

CC said...

stop. it. no. more. carriers. for. me. babies. too. old. money. too. small.