Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eliza Update

My little peanut is doing better. Last night at the ER she threw up all over the table when we were with the triage nurse. I felt so bad for her. They took an x-ray and there was no obstruction in her belly and her lungs were clear. She wasn't dehydrated so we were sent home. We gave her about 1 oz at a time throughout the night and sat up with her a little to make sure she was OK. She kept it down and is doing much better. I will thank her when she is older for making the first time I fed her solids so memorable.


Pam said...

Good for her for throwing up all ove the table at the ER! My kids would not have thrown up causing them to think I am an idiot and then the minute I get them home- yup, then they would let loose all over. ;)

SOOOOOO glad she is going a bit better and starting to keep something down.

Lori said...

well I'm glad that she is feeling better and that there is nothing major going on.

hope today goes smoothly

Anonymous said...

o ur poor little girl! i'm dreading the day when that happens to my lil guy. cause face it..its bound to happen at some point.
hope she is better