Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eliza's First Easter

Hello! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter. I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Eliza's first Easter basket.

Mommy and Eliza

Daddy and Eliza

Today when Eliza woke up early from her nap she was still a little sleepy and I decided I would sit and rock with her. I don't know what it is about that darn rocker but it always gets me feeling a little sentimental. Maybe it is because my baby is getting bigger and my arms are getting smaller. Maybe it is because I think of the story I'll Love You Forever and I get teary eyed. While rocking in the dark, quiet room I started to think about how big Eliza has gotten over the past 6 months. I know I spend most every day rushing around and attending to things that don't really matter in this life. I also know that holding and rocking my baby does matter because it won't be long before she will be too big and too independent. Childhood is ephemeral and in these cherished moments I try to drink in the essence of my daughter's infancy. I know it will not be here long.

I started thinking of a list of things that you will NEVER hear me say.

  1. I should have spent more time cleaning

  2. I wish I had held my daughter less

  3. I should have let her cry it out in her crib

  4. I read to many books to her when she was little

  5. I called the pediatrician too many times

  6. Going to the emergency room was a mistake

  7. I spent to much time worrying

There is nothing that is so important that can't wait while I hold my sleeping baby or spend time with my husband or talk to a friend in need. The dishes, wash, cleaning, bills, etc will get done eventually and if not- WHO CARES! Sometimes I think we get so caught up we forget to stop and appreciate the small things. I know I forget this all the time. And then it is usually in the quiet moments when I remember and things come back into focus.
I hope everyone had time to cherish the important things today.

I could not help but share one of my favorite books. ENJOY!


Amber said...

You're getting me all teary eyed! Everything you said rings so true with me!

Pam said...

That IS a great book. I know that I often forget that the little things don't matter and can wait....I always regret it too that I worried too much about the cleaning or the dishes. I LOVED your list- way to go.

by the way- I think that I want to have that basket E got- it looks great! And, I am really jealous of your shirt- I want that too!

Happy Easter!

CC said...

So, I hate to be the bad teacher/mommy here. But I really don't like that book. We read it and sing the little song. But secretly, my husband and I joke about the stalker mom!

Tipp said...

What a great list!

I love that book too, and I am not a mom (yet!)

Rebecka said...

Your family is gorgeous.
your shirt looks amazing on you too.
hope eliza had a good first easter..i know my kids had a good one..

Andrea said...

How true! I know that some nights I sit with Tate on the rocking chair extra long and just hold him and rock him...because pretty soon he'll be too big for that...I try so hard to cherish all those little moments...but it's so easy to forget too!!! And that book always makes me I don't read it to Tate very often because I cry too much! haha. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that book. Hubby laughs at me when I read it cause I always get teary at the end.
And I too love nothing else to sit in his room and rock him. Til he gets to be too squirmy!!

Lori said...

What cute pictures... Looks like she made out well for her first Easter!

Sheri said...

Oh man, I can't read that book while pregnant. LOL I read it when I was pregnant with Grace and balled. Heck, I can't even read the velveteen rabbit right now.
She looks like she is feeling better.
Happy Easter to you all.