Monday, March 24, 2008

Larabar Fan of the Day! and "Mommy Bangs"

I am so excited! Eliza and I are featured on the Larabar blog. I am trying out some new flavors and will report back my findings. They are sooo yummy! Check us out- you need to scroll a bit.

Larabar Blog

In other news...

I am wondering how many of you have seen the Friends episode where Monica bangs Ben's head into the ceiling. Here's a refresher.

Well, today at my house we had Mommy Bangs. Poor Eliza- I was trying to cheer her up and bonked her right into the ceiling. I was so upset. I know I am not the only mom to do this but I still feel so bad. My husband said mommy can't play like that anymore. :( I am just happy Eliza can't yet talk and won't be able to tell the doctor I am lying when I blame the bump on her Nana!

We are going for Eliza's 6 month check-up at 1:15. Will report back later .


Pam said...

Wow! You are a celebrity! I know a celebrity! How cool! ;)

You are right- you are not the only mommy to have baby get a bump. Riley is crawling and climbing. At Ashlyn's birthday party over the weekend (with 9 adults present!) he managed to sneak away un-noticed, climb up 3 steps, and then fall down. Yup! I am mommy of the year! I felt terrible and wanted to cry with him! Fortunately, he will alright and no damage was done. I think it is good that kids don't retain their memories until they are older! ;)

By the way- that Friends episode- F-U-N-N-Y!!!

Can't wait to hear all about E's 6 month check up!