Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pretty Momma Sling

I recently decided to try a ring sling and purchased one from Pretty Momma Sling. I had been enjoying my Hotsling, but after losing some weight it just didn't fit right anymore. I figured ring slings are adjustable and could be used by more than one person. Are you listening Nana?

I finally decided on this brand after reading about their amazing Hemp baby slings that are made with organic hemp fibers. It is an Eco-friendly sling that also provides UV protection for my fair skinned beauty. I know I will get lots of use out of this sling because it holds up to thirty-five pounds and my little peanut is only about 15 lbs right now. The lightweight material makes it a great sling for all seasons. Plus, I do like the fact that they are pretty momma slings! Us mommas need some lovin too.

I was so excited when I received my sling in the mail that I decided to rewatch my Tummy-to-Tummy video to review some of the different techniques and carries you can do in a ring sling. I set up the sling and once I got it into the correct position we were ready to baby wear!

I tried Eliza in a few different holds including the Snuggle Hold, The Hip Hold and the Kangaroo Hold. Eliza really liked the Hip and Snuggle hold. The sling is very easy to use after a few tries. You shouldn't be deterred by a ring sling because you think it will be difficult to use. If you are pregnant it is an excellent choice because you can adjust it as your drop the baby weight. I really love this sling. It was very comfortable to wear. The fabric is soft and I know it will get a little softer with each use. I can't hardly wait!

Here are the pics of Eliza and I on the Pretty Momma Sling Website!

If you decide you want to purchase one of these beautiful slings you can click my pic. above, copy and paste the link below or click the button on my sidebar! Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions


Pam said...

You both look so cozy and comfy! How great! And if it holds up to 35 should be good to go until Eliza is 3 or so! That is great for those pesky parking lots....much safer then trying to hold her hand and have her walk.