Friday, March 7, 2008

Super Tabs- I think NOT!

Here is proof that teaching Kindergarten makes me do cooky things

February 1986

Here I am in first grade at a new school. As many know, February is Dental Health Month and lots of students get a fun little packet from the dentist (or toothpaste companies) to take home. You know- the toothbrush and little coloring book- maybe a tooth magnet if your lucky. This particular February, I kept hearing from my friends about these little red tablets that you chewed up to show the plaque on your teeth. Apparently, they all had received them in the dental goody bag the year before. My previous school must have been LAME. I was so exited as these tablets were the talk of my class and I would finally get to try them out. I was just sure my teeth were covered in plaque that would magically turn red before my eyes. Finally, the goody bags arrived. My friends and I opened them up only to discover- NO TABS! I was jipped that year and every year after. In my mind these magic tabs were an urban legend. I doubted if these tablets even existed.

February 2008

It is once again Dental health month and I am now teaching Kindergarten. The goody bags arrive at my classroom door ready for distribution along with some special instructions. Please remove the Crest Supertabs from each packet. WHAT? SUPERTABS? The name is even cooler than I had imagined. I guess the higher ups figure the little ones might end up eating the tabs and thought it best to remove them. GOOD CALL! My guess is that this is probably why I never ended up seeing these tabs during my school days. My aide carefully removed each and every tab packet and I nonchalantly volunteer to take them. I couldn't watch all those magic tabs go into the circular file. I figured my nieces would enjoy them when they came up for a visit. I had no intention of using them myself. That would be just silly.

A few nights later I was getting ready for bread and brushing my teeth. I remembered the tabs and decided to give them a try. Now I did brush before using this tab. I had to brush about five times to get the red off. My toothbrush is now pink. Somehow these tablets did not live up to my dream. Instead I ended up looking like I should be hunting for real estate in Transylvania.

I checked it out and they are not for kids under 6. This is what was in my kids packets at school. I never bothered to read the directions.
Day Care Update
There was no day care for Eliza because she was up with a fever Thursday night! Sick!!!!


Pam said...

Gotta love Dental Health Month! My kiddos get a toothbrush and pencil--I am not sure they use either one after they get it ;) I have never seen those tabs....I know lots of kids who would chew and chew and chew just to freak the teachers out! Sorry about Eliza and being sick. I hope she feels better soon. Did you have to take off or do you have back up care? I hate getting ready for a sub....

Enjoy your weekend and time with your family!! (60 more days of school for me, how about you??)

Andrea said...

haha...that is TOO funny! Your pictures are hilarious! :) I remember those tab least we know they still work...too well!!