Thursday, March 6, 2008

Say Whaaaaaaat?

Before Eliza arrived I never thought I would be a baby talkin momma. However, I now hear the most ridiculous things coming out of my mouth. I wrote them down and realized I use the word stinky a LOT. It isn't like Eliza is a smelly kid or anything. I just really like the word I guess. It makes sense that one of my favorite kid's books is I Love You Stinky Face. I hope my daughter doesn't grow up with a stinky complex.

Here is my list

  1. Who has a booger nose?

  2. Are you a stinky ba-dinky?

  3. Let me hear a big girl burp!

  4. Did you make stinky farts?

  5. That was a big pooper dooper!

  6. Are you doing a stinky doo doo?

  7. Who's my Eliza, Beliza, Deliza, Meliza- you get the drift.

I see a bodily function theme here. I am sure there are more and will jot them down if I remember. I will also seek psychiatric help as it appears I must have some sick fixation with stinky farts and doo doo.

Eliza did really well at daycare again. I called at lunch to check on her. I tried not to but I am WEAK! I picked her up at three thirty and the lady was singing to her and rocking her with her bottle. Eliza had a huge smile. When she saw me she started giggling and squealing. She seems to really like it there. That makes me so happy. I guess she was tired of being with boring old mommy all day.

Here she is on her first day of school. Do you see the look she is giving her carrier?Here she is on her second day of school.

I do have one gripe. They wanted me to bring diaper rash cream. I only use Vaseline on her and Triple Paste when she really needs it. I don't like the chemicals components in many diaper creams. Desitin is a 5 at the Skin Deep site and I would just rather us something else.


Lori said...

welcome to the world of motherhood... we say the strangest things that often you will step back shake your head and say... did I say that???

Pam said...

tee hee hee! I love your list. I also love that I am not the only one who talks more about bodily functions then any other topic!

So glad that day care is going well. What a girl you have there- she is flexible already! I'm surprised they are making you bring in rash cream--my sitter (in home day care so I interchange sitter and day care but mean the same place) use only Vaseline and says I can put cream on at home if I want.

I'm going to check out that site you suggested- I use Destin Creamy and now I am paranoid I am poisoning my kid!

Anonymous said...

and have u also noticed that we now talk in the third person? what happened???

Andrea said...

hee hee! Yes...what happened to all our normal language? I talk like that too now. Oh, and if you want a really good (all natural) diaper cream try Burts Bee's Diaper cream. You can actually get it at most drugstores, and it works AWESOME!!

Jess said...

Actually, if you go on Cloth Diapers, you might not even need cream at all. Then again, daycarers will have to agree to that :(

GreenMama said...

Annabelle is so my stinky. And she laughs whenever I call her stinky. Stinky has become a term of endearment. Our cat Toby is now Stinky Toby. Even when I express self-love, I refer to myself as Stinky Mommy.

Oh and I never thought my language skills would come to this either. =)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

We use stinky a lot in this house! I've always found Arbonne's baby diaper creme to be great. Or anything by California Baby (usually you can find at Target!)


Sheri said...

Its amazing the words you can combine with stinky and poopie once you become a mom.

Hmm, I would question the diaper cream issue. Does that mean they are going to apply it at every changing? If, they are keeping her dry then it isn't needed. We only have had to use it if she poops several times a day and we don't use cloth diapers.

Erika said...

Gosh...I've known you for years and never thought you'd be using words like that....LOLOL! That is too funny and definitely put a smile on my face reading them. Congrats on making it through your first full week of work. I'm so happy to hear Eliza is doing well in daycare...that is certainly comforting for you. Glad all is working out for you and Lil E! :)

Tracy said...

I know this is one of your older blogs but it popped into my head as soon as I realized what I was soing and had to tell you. Madison has become an expert at doing the pee-pee dance. On our way to the bathroom just now I actually started singing a made up song about her doing the dance. As soon as I sat her on the toilet and myself on the ledge of the tub it dawned on me what I just did. If any nonparent ever looked in on me at any given point of the day they'ld probably try to get me locked up!

30 Minute Mommy said...

wpfkdebuMadison is so cute. If the pee pee dance works- go woth it.

I sing

poopy diaper, we like poopy diapers, poopy diapers, poopy in our pants!