Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who wants a clean house? I do! I do!

Yes! It is true. Deep down inside I know there is a neat freak just dying to break out. I am like Felix and Oscar trapped in one body. It is not easy being both parts of the odd couple. I love having things neat and tidy. Mess annoys me to no end. I spend most of my time annoyed at the disorganization in my house, car, purse, desk, etc However, everything I touch turns into a disaster area. It couldn't have been gold. No! Instead of the Midas touch I got stuck with the messy touch. Why is it that I just can't get it together and get it clean. When I am not making a mess, I spend the rest of the time devising lists and plans on how to get it clean and keep it clean. That leaves zero time for actual cleaning. I also spend a small amount of time waiting to hear Niecy Nash calling outside my door, "Who wants a clean house?". To which I shall reply, "Me! Me! Me!"

This problem goes way back to my childhood. I was cursed with NEAT parents. In my mom's house you buff the knobs in the shower to a shine when you are finished. No piece of clothing or paper is ever let astray. I grew up with this level of cleanliness and I am still not sure how my mom manages to make Danny Tanner look sloppy. This is where the problem lies. I am messy at heart but grew up with things neat. I am at constant odds with myself.

Maybe one day they will discover a gene abnormality for messy people. I am probably missing the clean gene or something. There must be a good explanation for my anal expulsive personality. I just haven't discovered it yet.

Now that I am a new mom and a working mom the mess just seems to be getting worse. So I have put together this handy list so I know when it is time to complete some common household chores.

You know it is time to . . .

  • wash the kitchen floor- when you can make a thirty minute meal from the crumbs
  • dust the living room- when you use the dust on your t.v. to play pictionary during game night
  • water the plants- when they turn brown. Brown is the new green.
  • vacuum the rug- when you can make a cat hair coat with the hair in the vacuum bag
  • do laundry- when you have no clean socks but find 8 dirty pairs tangled in your bed sheets
  • clean the litter box -when the cats have packed up and moved out
  • fold the clothes- when there are no more laundry baskets left to use
  • clean out the fridge-when you get tired of playing "Name that Smell!"

I am not really all that bad. And I would really like to get things organized. To redeem myself I do have a Danielle Checklist of staples that I use before I go food shopping. I do plan meals for the week. However, when it comes to cleaning I am a slacker. I know some of you have channeled your inner Monica Geller and have mastered the art of NEAT! Let's hear from you anal retentive super organized moms. What are your tips on keeping a clean house?


Lori said...

not super organized here, but I do try to keep a tidy house. I try to spread things out and the weekly things I do one a day (laundry, floors, bathrooms, etc...) I pick up the toys every time Blake naps and then right after he goes to bed (we are beginning to work on getting him to help with this... hahaha... yeah I know that is a pipe dream!

Tracy said...

Not the it has actually happened yet but I try to break cleaning the rooms in the house down by days of the week. Every time my house has been given a good cleaning I think to myself okay tomorrow I'll reclean the bedrooms, the next day will be bathroom day and the day after that will be kitchen day ...Unfortunately just keeping up with the basics like dishes and laundry seem to be too daunting at times so my plan never gets carried through. It also doesn't help that I've passed the messy gene on to Madison who welcomes every guest by saying "Want to come play in my messy room?"

LaskiGal said...

"I am like Felix and Oscar trapped in one body." Oh, I so hear ya! I feel so schizophrenic!

I read on someone's post (can't remember who now) that they set a timer and do whatever they can do in a 20/30/45 minute period. I kinda like that idea and it has worked for me (plus I think I burn some extra calories moving so fast). I don't feel stressed. The house isn't always PERFECT (far from it), but it never gets too out of hand (at least not before a weekend when both daddy and mommy can do damage control).

Here's to hopin' those kitties return home :)

Sheri said...

The only tip I have is to not have children. Not that I would want that. My bathroom is lucky to get wiped down with baby wipes these days. This mess drives me(a recovering clean freak) CRAZY!

Amber said...

I'm leaving a comment even though I'm not the super organized mom...Can I blame the mess on my husband???

Pam said...

no tips secrets....I don't know that my house is all that clean. I plan meals for the week and I so the laundry each weekend and try to clean what I can then too. It just doesn't happen during the week....too much with working (and blogging) and all. Just be glad you have a kid- you can blame E for the mess for many years to come! ;)

Green Mama said...

The secret to a clean house and not being neurotic is the Fly Lady. Google her. She has done wonders for me. She is like an enthusiastic house fairy.

Anonymous said...

i go in spurts. some days the mess doesn't bother me and others i clean like their is no tomorrow. having people come over really gives me the drive.