Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lovin My Nana

This is not a review-just something so cool I had to share.

Eliza's Nana bought her the cutest Taggies book. It is so awesome. She loves to rub tags on toys so this is just perfect. They also make blankest and I would love to get one for her. All of the tags are different and provide tactile and visual stimulation. How cool is that?

Eliza says, "I love my Nana Banana!"


Amber said...

She looks so attentive! She'll be a reader for sure!

Andrea said...

I know! Those taggie book/blankets etc. are SO cool!!! Tate loves them too.

Pam said...

I have heard those taggie books and blankets are really great. My deprived kids have never had one- but even at 4, Ashlyn loves to rub tags and silky parts of blankets. So I vet Eliza is loving her book!

Tipp said...

Yeah for a healthy baby having fun!!

So glad you guys are up and at em!

aunt amber said...

ooo kyle's cousin got the blankets like that at her shower, because her niece LOVED the tags on blankets. Why is it that they love them so much???