Saturday, April 12, 2008

Toys R Us Goes Green- Is it Enough?

In light of what happened with that Baby Einstein sun and the paint recall I learned about from Amber I am feeling very frustrated about toys in general. I am sick of all the recalls! I don't understand why products marketed for baby's and young children are so unsafe. I have decided I am going to make an effort to purchase more organic and green toys.

I was scouring the Internet and discovered Toys R Us is coming out with an Eco-friendly line. I googled it to see what I could uncover and here is the article I found. and now here is the gist of what I read for those of you who are spending there weekend doing more fun things and don't have time for reading articles. Starting on April 22 you will be able to purchase Natural Wooden Toys, Natural Cotton plush animals and Organic Cotton Dolls at Toys stores and online. The wooden toys are decorates using a wood burning technique. In addition, the packaging is made up of 70% recycled material.

I was thinking OK this is good until I found this article. The gist of this article is that most of the toys are still made in CHINA. The organic cotton doll are made in Egypt-but the rest of the toys are being manufactured China where as we know the regulations are weak at best.

I am very happy to see this change but I personally don't think it is enough. They openly admit that going green is more than a passing trends. I am happy to see the Eco-friendly products, but a few toys in recycled packaging hardly makes up for all of the other toys they sell that are harming the environment. I personally would like to see MORE of an effort on the part of Toys R Us.

Does anyone know if Toys is offering an alternative to plastic bags?

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Pam said...

You should write them about the plastic bags....see if you can get them to change that or at least make some attempt to give an alternative to it. Good for you for being so eco-friendly!

Amber said...

I think there are some green toys made by "Doug and Melissa"

lamamanaturale said...

I completely agree. I think they could do more on their part and make toys in the U.S.A that are chemical free. They do carry Melissa and Doug and a few other non toxic wooden baby can check out oompa toys (my fav) nova naturals or for wooden/natural toys...there are quite a few places online that sell good toys.

katelyn said...

Hi Everyone!

I am a summer intern at Toys "R" Us working on the green initiative and I am very interested to hear your comments. If there are any specific comments or opinions you would like to pass on to the company regarding the green toy line, please feel free to email me at; I would love to hear your suggestions and ask a few questions. Thanks!

-Katelyn Cozzi