Friday, April 11, 2008

You wouldn't like me when I 'm angry!

OK. So I turned into the Hulk the other day (Tuesday) after coming home to discover my daughter almost choked on a pieced from her Baby Einstein blocks. OK I admit I am exaggerating a bit. The toy piece never made it into her mouth because my father grabbed it out of her hand before that could happen.

You have seen Eliza playing with these blocks in pictures I have posted on the blog. The yellow block has a tiny little mirror with a sun covering it. Eliza ripped off the sun piece and of course was about to jam it into her mouth as all babies her age do with anything and everything they can get in their little hands. These blocks are targeted for 0 months and up. I am a little disturbed that it came apart so easily. Eliza is pretty strong- but c'mon.

Here is a pic where you can see the sun piece. It is actually smaller than it appears in this picture. Now when I look at that stupid little smiling sun- I know it is just smirking at me- taunting me. GGGRRRRR

So I went into HULK mommy mode and wrote this not so nice e-mail to customer service.

I am writing this e-mail in great distress. Today while my 7 month old
daughter was playing with her Discover and Play blocks - the little
yellow sun came off in her hand. It is a good thing she was being
carefully supervised because she was about to put it in her mouth. I
don't even want to think about what could have happened had the
tiny piece blocked her airway. I am appalled at the poor quality of?this
toy. It is being marketed for baby's newborn and up. Your web site
describes it as a baby safe mirror. Doesn't seem so safe to me. I have
always been a supporter of your company but I am very upset.

This is the e-mail I received back today.

Dear Danielle,

Thank you for your e-mail. Your inquiry has been forwarded to The Walt
Disney Company Guest Services Team and they will be contacting you
directly. They can also be reached by calling 800-362-4695.



The Baby Einstein Company

They should be kissing my a** for letting them know about this issue. What if some other little baby does the same thing when no one is watching. The whole batch of toys could have been faulty.

anyhoo- I will let you know what happens next.
Has anyone had a similar experience?


Future Mom said...

hate to tell you but that is a blow off if i have ever heard one. i had a not so great experience with walt disney guest services people after the hubby got food poisoning at one of their theme parks like 5 years ago...they said they couldn't be sure it was their food that made him sick. uh last time i checked you can't bring your own food into disney world! i am very much looking forward to what they say to you.

i am glad that everything is ok with Eliza & i will keep this situation in mind when purchasing products for babies in the future.

Dana said...

I still think a baby almost choking is a lil differnt then getting food poisoning.. Disney may have thought you were trying to scam something out of them or that maybe he just had a stomach bug - who knows. Uusally Big Companys don't really care about us little people anyways!

Dan- they may get back to you, if they are a decent company. That line of toys may be faulty and need to be recalled.

So, lets hope someone gets back to you and that another little baby really doesn't choke!

Dana said...

I do think they should have gotten back to you Heather, SRY I forgot to write that!

Erika said...

Glad your Dad was watching her! I think you did the right thing regarding contacting the company! Sounds weird but I love writing complaint letters....LOL! I'm contimplating writing one to Fortunoff soon. I would hope the company contacts's the right thing to do! Good luck

Pam said...

I am horrified that this happened! Makes me glad I don't buy toys and just let my kids play with forks....hee hee hee! I am so glad that nothing serious happened. Sounds like you got the standard we received your message and blah, blah, blah response. I hope they take it to the next step and contact you. If the company doesn't get back to you -push it. Call them and keep on them until something happens. You ate least deserve an explanation. Keep us posted!

Christy said...

We have those exact blocks. Fortunately, Porgie never managed to rip the little flap off. I guess I should throw them out, so Izzy isn't in danger.

Tipp said...

Those things are a law suit waiting to happen!

Stand your ground, demand them to fix it and offer your money back.

What a hazard! Unfortunately, I am not shocked.

Toy companies are the worst!

I am so glad Eliza is OK!

Amber said...

We have these blocks as well. Haven't had any problems, but you do know that they were recalled a while back...I think it was the green or blue one, though...I called and ours weren't made during that time so they weren't affected...let us know what they say!

Andrea said...

That is scary!! Make sure you keep "bugging" them if they don't get back to you! Sometimes persistence really pays off...and I definitely think they should get back to you on something that compromises the safety of a child...but who knows if they will...let us know how it goes!!

lamamanaturale said...

My son has these blocks...yikes...I'll have to really pay attention...I might just throw that yellow one out! They were handed down anyway! Our friends also have them for her daughter. This is great info. I know there company has had recalls in the past! We're a supporter too. You never know...I'm glad Eliza is okay and your dad was there to prevent what could have been a serious situation. I would follow up with an email or phone call if they don't get back to you!!