Thursday, April 10, 2008

When is the right time to have your first baby?

After reading Danielle's post which mentioned the quiz about having another baby, I was wondering how to figure out when is the right time to have the first one? My answer would be whenever my harassing finally works! There is no techical data to figure this one out...but there was a quiz. (Here it is)

So in case you were wondering here are the results.

I took it & got a 34 out of 39 which means
You are and your partner have thought this through and are ready to take the next step! What are you waiting for? Your score indicates you're emotionally, physically, and financially ready for parenthood.

I actually got the hubby to take it by lying and telling him it was something for Danielle hahaha (yes i know lying is not exactly good but he'll get over it).

He got a 28 out of 39 which means
You may be ready for parenthood but you still feel anxious. Don't worry, that's normal. You and your partner should talk about the emotional, financial, and physical realities of having a child, and then work together on the parenthood decision.

Honestly I was kind of surprised...I was thinking his would say something like "your poor wife will end up a childless old lady" or something like that. I am actually pleasantly surprised with his answers :)

Obviously him being in school and the fact that we have no room for a baby in the townhouse are major issues we need to get past but now I know that when his school is done, he gets a job and we can move - it's baby making time! If you read my earlier post about choosing the sex of your baby, you will know that I am very much into doing those methods and I did manage to convince him to go for the girl first. (Because you have to "try" more times to get it-he is a guy after all and what guy would say no to that.)


LaskiGal said...

After years of apprehension, I was surprised at how easy we made the decision once the time was right. I have no idea what made the time right . . . it just sorta happened.

Andrea said...

Good post! We made the decision pretty easily too...all I know is that I don't think it's the best to wait TOO long before you have kids. I know some people who won't have kids because they don't have enough money yet, or a good enough job or whatever...well, it'll probably never be good enough (just like every time you get more money you still want MORE) just go ahead and have kids. haha. ;)