Wednesday, May 14, 2008

If I were motivated

There are so many things I want to do, but I never seem to find the time. Here is my incomplete list- maybe it will motivate me to spring into action

  • write more (especially about my first year as a mom)
  • work on designing a web site, learn more about web design
  • start a group for mom's in my development
  • get better at being Vegan
  • read, read, read
  • clean my house
  • get abs of steel
  • figure out how to make some $$$


Lori said...

if you figure out how to get abs of steel and money with little to no effort... please remember to share!

Andrea said...

I know...I have a list of things like that too...especially the write more (about being a mom, I don't forget!!)

Amber said...

I soooo hear you! Time???

Mommy Brain said...

For every day that you don't do one of the things on your list you have to do 100 stomach crunches. You'll either have abs of steel or a long list of accomplishments. ;-)