Thursday, May 1, 2008

Study shows 77% of new moms breastfeed

Congratulations to all of you breast-feeding moms out there for the highest rate since the 80's.  

I am still on the fence about whether I will do it or not, but I have a few years before I have to decide!


Pam said...

woo hoo! I was one of those mom. I didn't think I would be able to stick with it for a year, but somehow I did! I didn't read the article....but I hope it mentioned those who didn't breastfeed, but wanted to and couldn't for one reason or another.

H.E.Eigler said...

That's fantastic to hear. I BF little H for 10 months and it was the hardest, most wonderful thing I ever put my mind to doing. I miss it now.

Mommy Mechanics said...

I didn't think I would stick with it for a year either but I did and now im already to 6 months with my second breastfed baby. I love it, I think if your not working and it's possible to then you should definetly do it. Time flies!

Marcy said...

That's awesome! Though I'd like to see numbers on how many women still breastfeed at 6 or even 3 months. I read about a 1995 survey that said about 60% of moms BFed when leaving the hospital, but only 20-30% still were doing so 3+ months later.

Getting started with breastfeeding was one of the toughest experiences I've gone through, and now at 3 months it's still a challenge at times, but also SO MUCH EASIER than I imagine dealing with formula would be-- it's nice to be able to pop baby right onto the "tap" rather than have to make/heat bottles. =) Plus, it's pretty awesome to know that my baby boy is growing big and strong thanks to the food he gets from me.

Hopefully the proper support and education to emphasize breastfeeding, and give women the support they need to get started and do so successfully, will continue to spread.

Amy said...

I breasfed my three boys, each nearly a year. Getting started with the first one was the hardest part, but once we figured it out, I was so glad I stuck with it. It is way more convenient and healthier for the baby and yourself!