Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thought Nibbles

Here are some yum yums- ENJOY!

  • Eliza says, "I don't want to eat my peas. I say NO, NO,NO!" Needless to say peas are not a big hit with Eliza. She gags, spits them out, refuses to swallow and cries.
  • Eliza has been working diligently on a review of Happy Baby Food. Her preliminary findings are excellent. Stop by early next week to read the full write up.

  • It is over. We are officially done with day care. I went and dropped off the last payment and picked up Eliza's things. Parting is NOT sweet sorrow. For the time being Nana is watching Eliza full time.

  • Check out this article on Bradley from Hike4Autism. I know him personally and what he is doing is pretty inspiring. You can share in his journey on his blog.

  • Peter, Eliza,and I are doing a walk for Autism in June. I need to get on top of this and raise some cashola. Here is our website. It is pretty sad. It doesn't even have a photo. And yes I am a big time Ham and I will have a pic up shortly.

  • If you didn't get a chance to check out Dana's Wordless Wednesday pic- check it out now. The good ol' days. I forget what cold beer tastes like. I will post more pics from our camping adventures. We get very serious when it comes to camping. And yes we pee in the woods sometimes. I am also working on a post about babies and camping.

  • Amber from Babywearing Buzz is hosting a seriously awesome giveaway where you can win a baby carrier worth up to $100. This is my kind of contest. You can click the link above or click her button on my right sidebar- Heavenly Hold

  • Eliza was named after Eliza Doolittle- so when I saw these matching mom and daughter shirts I was in LUST! What a cute Mother's Day gift. HINT! HINT!

  • Write from Karen is hosting a neat Mother's Day Contest. Write up a post of 250 words( she is going to check so no skimping or using a big font or extra wide margins) on what being a mom means to you. If you are not a mom you can write about your own mom. Check it out!

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And last but not least don't forget to check out my Munchkin giveaway!


Lori said...

lots of interesting tidbits... I hope having Eliza stay home with her Nana helps smooth things out!

Pam said...

ha- I love randomness! ;) I am glad you were able to find an alternative to day care for the time being...summer will be here soon (not soon enough though!).....good luck figuring out what to do next year.

Andrea said...

Great post! So, Eliza is not a pea-lover, huh? Tate gobbles up peas like you wouldn't believe! haha. :)

Mommy Mechanics said...

Ha! Our little pea hating babies have a lot in common lol. I just tried squash tonight and he loved it! Does Eliza like green beans? Im scared to try em, I'm sure he'll hate them.

livin with me said...

I loved reading your thought nibbles! What a cute post ;)

Amber said...

Yeah for Nana! That is awesome of her to take on her granddaughter for the rest of the year! We have my cousin for next year, but she lives SERIOUSLY far away from us and my husband insists we can do the drive!