Sunday, June 29, 2008

A New Mom Discovers Babywearing!

I am at the wedding today so no regular bloggy post for me. Instead, I am posting pics of my friend and neighbor Rose wearing her adorable little girl Alessia in her brand new Moby Wrap. She also has a sling on the way! She said she was able to make breakfast, eat and type while Alessia was in the wrap.

Happy Babywearing!


Momma On The Go said...

Have a great time today! That looks like another great wrap. I can't wait to wear Stella!

Sherry said...

so cute :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, what a great wear... that looks perfect!


Cheri said...

Oh my goodness I found a whole new world once I discovered babywearing :) I felt the same way as your friend. I was finally able to cook, and clean and get stuff done.

ps, thanks for stopping by my page :)

Amber said...

Hi Rose!! How cool to "meet" you! Love the Moby...I'm trying to scrounge up the funds to start carrying Moby's myself! Hope you have your new beautiful batik now!