Sunday, October 26, 2008

Get Your Vegan Treats!

I haven't been the best vegan lately. I basically fell off of the wagon for a while. It started because I was getting restless leg syndrome at night. After some research I attributed my ailment to iron deficiency. I am not great about making sure I eat or making sure I get a well rounded diet. I am more of the snack off of Eliza's high chair and eat a meal when I get a chance type. I am pretty sure that blue corn chips and hummus does not a balanced meal make.

My problem is that although I want to be vegan it is often difficult. I am not in favor of soy or I should say unfermented soy because it is linked to numerous health problems. Fermented soy such as natto, miso and tempeh is fine! In addition, Peter and Eliza eat a regular diet so I am often making more than one meal. Plus, it isn't that I don't love non-vegan foods-I DO! especially cheese-I just don't think the typical American diet is healthy and I believe the way the animals are treated in horrendous-to say the least.

Anyhoo, I am trying to be more strict again and in order to give myself a little kick start Pete headed to a local 100% Vegan bakery called Vegan Treats to get us some YUMMY snacks. I didn't even know this bakery existed until Stacie brought me a write up that had appeared in our local newspaper. Pete brought home two ginormous cookies- one oatmeal and one chocolate chip. They were both really delish- which is why we don't have a pic. OOPS!

He snagged himself a Peanut Butter Bomb!

and for me he chose a Pumpkin Cheesecake

They were both amazingly tasty, not to mention beautiful, and I am sure we will head back for some more tasty vegan fun. Pete brought home a menu and it is quite extensive. If I served you these desserts at a party you would never know they were vegan. I wish I would have known about this place before E's birthday party. AND we may heave been waiting in line behind Gwyneth Paltrow who snagged some vegan Treats for Apple's b-day. Ok so maybe Gwyneth wasn't actually at the store-but she really did order some of these very same treats. To read more about how Vegan Treats got its start check out this interview with the brains behind the goodies Danielle Konya.


EP said...

Woah. That's incredible that y'all have a vegan bakery! It sounds incredible, and those treats look delicious!

Andrea said...

mmmmm...those vegan treats do look super tasty!!

PletcherFamily said...

Those look SO good!

Christy said...

Yummy! If you are ever in the DC area, there is a great vegan bakery called "Sticky Fingers." John and I got our wedding cake there.

Dana said...

we are so going the next time i come up!!! they look so yummy!!