Monday, October 27, 2008

Not me! Monday

Be sure to check out MckMama at My Charming Kids for more great Not Me Monday!

I certainly did not forget to shower this weekend. That would be very gross and disgusting.

I most certainly didn't let Eliza fall out of our bed this past weekend. That would never happen in this co-sleeping household. * our bed isn't on the frame so it is more of a roll than a fall.

I didn't catch mucous spit-up in my hand because I had no burp cloth handy. Nope- Not Me!
I didn't have a meltdown at Target because I couldn't find shelves for E's toys. I would never do that to my husband ad certainly not over something silly like shelves.
I didn't dissect E's hamburger down to crumbs to make sure every last bit was cooked. Nope- not this neurotic mommy.
I didn't make eggplant and accidentally leave the leftovers in the oven overnight.
I certainly did not scarf down my vegan dessert in just two nights.
What did you NOT do this week?


Amanda-The Family News! said...

I love these!!!!

clothDiaperGirl said...

I did not feed my 20 month old animal crackers for breakfast Sunday morning because I was too tired to get up and make oatmeal.

Lori said...

I never seem to have a burp cloth around so I'm usually wearing the spit up all over my clothes lately

Andrea said...

haha...great list! And as for catching spit up in your hand...hmmm...that NEVER happens here either!

Dana said...

great list.... i didn't ignore one of my students today and pretend I didn't hear him.. a good teacher would NEVER do that..

freedomcome said...

i did NOT neglect all my homework. I also didn't fall asleep in math and speech this morning

PletcherFamily said...

These are awesome.

Rose said...

I did not wake up almost an hour and a half late this morning and speed to work. Nope, I always get up when the alarm goes off!

Tracy said...

Gotta love the meltdowns!