Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Motrin Commercial Upsets Baby Wearing Moms

Last weekend, Johnson & Johnson posted an online commercial for Motrin.  They were trying to say that this pain reliever will help you get rid of the pain you get from baby wearing.  The narrator describes babywearing by saying that "supposedly it's a real bonding experience" and describes that baby wearing is the new hip thing to do.  She also says that babywearing makes you look like an "official mom". Many moms agreed that this ad was offensive & it was removed.  A rep for Johnson & Johnson (who is a mother herself) has issued an apology for the ad, saying that they did not mean to offend moms through their advertising.

I think that this ad is completely stupid, especially because she is saying that there are so many kinds of carriers and they will all hurt you which is obviously not true.  What are your thoughts...Is this video offensive to you?


Amber said...

It actually is a little offensive to me, b/c I think that carrying your child around in your arms all day is MUCH more of a strain on your neck and back than wearing them in an ergonomically fitted baby carrier...I should know. I have done it both ways and suffered WITHOUT a carrier!

ClothDiaperGirl said...

Not offensive at all. Moms try to be supermoms and act like they've got things perfectly under control. Why can't we just say, "Ok, sometimes baby wearing can hurt your back or neck just like carrying a baby in a car seat or in your arms does." I'm not offended. I think it's a valid point. It's ok to admit that sometimes it's a strain.

Lizzie said...

sad, that in order for motrin to seel its product they have to put another product down. I am an avid babywearer and i found this ad ignorant!!.. wearing your baby actually takes the stress off of joints compared to carrying them in your arms without the assistance of a carrying device.