Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday

It's Not Me Monday time again. Check out what fellow bloggers did NOT do this week at MckMomma's blog my charming kids

I didn't almost not do Not Me Monday because my brain is too rattled to think.

I definitely haven't been extremely stressed over Eliza's behavior. Nope not worries here.

I also didn't google E's behavior to see if it was normal. That would be a bad idea.

I would never freak out at Pete because he didn't have the dishwasher unloaded as soon as he woke up. That would be silly and kinda mean.

I didn't eat ice cream two nights in a row and I wouldn't rationalize this behavior by thinking it would have been wasteful in this poor economy to throw it out!

I didn't wish that Pete and I could go out on a date alone instead of staying home with E Saturday night.

I didn't watch E launch herself over the side of the pack and play in shock. I didn't immediately decide to pack it up and never use it again. That would be rash.

I didn't reminisce about life before becoming a mom. Nope! Not even one time. and I didn't have to use spell check to spell reminisce.

What did you NOT do this week?


Lori said...

HUGS! thing will get better

Dana said...

hey if you ever want aunt dana & uncle brian to babysit so mom and dad can go out alone that's fine with us!!

Christine said...

Some people come to my blog googling the strangest of things.

Hope to morrow is better.

Rose said...

I did not let go of Alessia while she was standing holding on to the gymini bars and let her fall over because I was sucked into something stupid on TV. Nope, I would never pay more attention to tv than to my own daughter!

I hear you about date night. It'll come back.

amber said...

haha dana and i think alike. i was just commenting to tell you that if you ever want aunt amber and uncle kyle to babysit so you guys could go out we would love too!