Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tasty Tuesday

I am off to spend the day at my mom's. A little mental health day for me!

Here is a great recipe I made this past Wednesday perfect for a cold winter night!

Roasted Vegetable Soup!

What's new with E's eating..

mango chunks
graham cracker
cream cheese

vanilla ice cream
cottage cheese

I am currently trying to think of new meal ideas for E's lunch! What is your toddler's favorite lunch?


Lori said...

hope you have a great day today

Blake likes...
deli meat
"stick" cheese
fish sticks
cheese or chicken quesadillas
grilled cheese sandwiches

notice a trend yet?

Mommy-to-Be Stacie said...

what child likes asparagus and not ice cream and pudding!?!?!?!? def feed her some grilled cheese because that is my favorite lunch!!! make her some bacon crescent rolls...i bet she would love them!!!! hahahah!!! i am still living at my moms....hopefully i will be home soon!!! stacie :)

BundlebooMaMa said...

green veggies
apples...omgoodness they go thru the apples.
bananas (most fruit)

Tracy said...

Sounds good! Hope the day helped. Madison's loves are all fruit, most veggies (except asparagus), chicken fingers, steak,shrimp, lobster, grilled cheese, soup, blue cheese, provolone cheese, cheddar cheese, pecorino romano, swiss, limberger, feta oh and milk shakes (pronounced mulkshakes)and capers too. I guess she is making up for the years when she was allergic to dairy! The no way list includes peanut butter, eggs, fish and chocolate. Not a bad deal really.

Andrea said...

that's funny that she dislikes the sweet stuff like pudding and ice cream...but those aren't really that healthy anyways, right? :) Hope you have a great day at your moms!

MoziEsmé said...

I love that list of dislikes! It's so weird trying to figure out what will work and not work.

Right now favorites include granola and cornflakes, potato chips and popcorn, mango chunks, and juice. Lots of juice. I water it down, but it still concerns me how much she guzzles down instead of eating real food. Do mothers ever stop worrying about what their kids eat?