Friday, February 13, 2009

Just in time for Valentine's study focuses on working moms

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and many of us will be trying to fit in something romantic with our significant others!  I personally think it's great that it falls on a Saturday this year so the hubs & I can spend more time together than a weekday (even though he will probably be doing homework most of the day).  Just in time for the biggest love day of the year, Working Mother magazine has just published an article revealing some surprising results from a sex survey of readers in its February/March issue.  The survey includes how often working moms have sex (more than you'd think!), whether they find their mates attractive and more.   Here is a summary of some of the more interesting parts...

  • Working moms are way more into sex than anyone might think. In fact, the article reveals that while working moms wish they had more sex (and that it took less work to make it happen) sex still really matters to nearly three-quarters of respondents.

  • More than half of respondents reported having sex at least once a week. Almost a third (29 percent) have sex two or more times a week.

  • The majority of respondents (63 percent) say they want more sex on a regular basis.

  • 93 percent remain attracted to their husbands at least some of the time, and only 7 percent confessed to having no attraction at all.

  • 39 percent of respondents said that when they have sex, they're usually in the mood and totally enjoy it. Whereas 44 percent said they're usually not in the mood...and then totally enjoy it. 

  • Over 70 percent said that they use adult movies and sex toys, mainly to spice things up in the bedroom. 

Need additional motivation for getting busy? Working Mother details four health incentives, including:

* Exercise: By getting pulse rates up and breaking a sweat, sex can act as a mini cardio warm up, making working moms feel less guilty about skipping the gym that morning.

* Pain relief: Orgasm has been found to have an analgesic effect, helping eliminate headaches, aches and pains.

* Stress relief: Being intimate and connected to a loved one causes a chemical release that decreases stress and inflammation.

* Erectile function: A study of men aged 55 to 75 found that those who had intercourse more often were less likely to develop erection problems.

Happy Valentines Day!!


Anonymous said...

Well, there you go! I knew there'd be good things about my return to work. Hurray!

MarvelousMOM said...

I love it. Thanks for sharing!!

BundlebooMaMa said...

Sex...whats that?? Oh yeah, thats the thing you do that makes babies right?!?! lol :)

Dana said...

very interesting!!

Danielle said...

when you put stuff like this up- pete is going to want me to go back to work SSSHHHH