Thursday, February 5, 2009

Passing along this info....

I am reposting this from Dana's blog. Please take a few minutes to read. Thanks!

My old best friend from high school is one of the strongest people I have ever met. Her name is Jessie. Her and her family have endured soooo much and have felt so much pain and heart ache, especially as of recently.

A few months ago her 21 year old brother died suddenly.
My friend has been married for a few years to a great guy named Garrett. Unfortunately, Garrett has lived with a rare kidney disease since the age of 12 and recently things have gotten worse. Garrett needs a kidney and he needs it now!!! I was watching the local news the other night and a story came on about my friend and her husband; they were pleading for someone to help!! Ya see, as a result of his rare disease he needs a kidney from a living donor. Though I know his request won't appeal to all Garrett and his wife are hoping to attract the attention of one special individual willing to help a complete stranger. All family and friends have been tested, but no one is a match! Garrett and jessie have website called
I Need A Kidney Now and I am hoping you will check it out. I would like to also ask you if possible for a big BIG favor! I ask you to please Please PLEASE post this or Blog about this website on your blog, your website, whatever you can do. Maybe print this article out and post it at your church or at a local school. I know it seems like a lot but so many of you have successful Blogs read
by tons of people and you could really help my friends husband find a match for a new kidney. I beg of you Please do it for me if it's at all possible.
Help spread the word for Garrett and Jessie!
Please Please Please!!!!
And if you do want to help spread the word let me know so I can come by comment and say thanks!!!

the website is

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Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism said...

I hate to hear this. I put a part of this post on the side of my blog (idk what it's called there) with a link to Dana's entire post and the website link. I hope it helps.