Thursday, February 5, 2009

Absent Minded Mother

Today I ran out to Stop and Shop in freezing weather to pick up some things I needed for dinner. Totally off topic...but has anyone seen the prices for Parmesan cheese? I selected my groceries and completed the self check-out. Then I went to look for my wallet. It was not in my diaper bag. It was in my pocket book. At the house. So I had to leave my groceries at customer service and drive home to get my wallet.

Once my groceries were secured and paid for we loaded ourselves back into the car and headed to the pet store. We checked out the kitties for adoption, looked at the fish and picked up food for the cats and the bird (don't even get me started on theseprices). I then went over to check out.

Guess what?

YUP! No wallet.

I left it in the grocery bag in the car. Oh the fun. I grabbed E and went out to get my wallet politely declining a strange woman's offer to keep Eliza.

We are home now. Maybe it was an omen not to spend any money. Most likely it was just me being an absent minded mother.


MoziEsmé said...

I do believe "absent-minded" is always a condition of motherhood! Part of that giving half of your brains to your kid thing.

And the bad part is it's twice as much work to run around to resolve the issue when you're lugging that 25 lb creature with you!

Hope you have no future instances of missing wallets... :)

Anonymous said...

I did that not too long ago. Although I had no child with me to blame it on! Lucky we only live 5 minutes away and Hubby ran it out to me.

Lori said...

oops! isn't it sad that you feel like you need a check list to leave the house now?

Tracy said...

With you on this one. I've actually done this about 3 or 4 times! So embarrassing. The last time Justin was at my parents and I didn't want hime to know that I did it AGAIN. I actually drove the long way through the neighborhood and parked on the side of our house so he didn't see that I was home minus the groceries!

Amber said...

Are you sure you're not preggo? I've lost my mind lately...gone to the wrong car, tried to cook something in my crock pot without plugging it in...etc.

amber said...

lol i've totally done this! i realized i left my wallet at home after i already went through the check out too haha