Monday, June 8, 2009

My Cloth Diaper System

I have posted several times about cloth diapering. However, I wanted to go into a little more detail about the I use process- so here it is!

I currently use Bum genius one size and Bum genius AIO (all-in-one). I am trying out Grobaby cloth diapering system as well. I would like to use a cloth diaper with snaps but Eliza is way too wiggly.

I keep my cloth diapering supplies in my downstairs bathroom. I have a little garbage can I use as a diaper pail. I have been meaning to get a pail liner, but have been a slacker. I have never had a problem with odor. I spray my pail and wipe it with a cloth wipe every other day when I do a load of diapers. Then I throw the wipe in with the diapers.
In one basket I have diapers, inserts and doublers. In the other basket we have E's trainers (she calls them undies) and cloth wipes. I make my own wipe solution as well. I keep that in spray bottle in the the bathroom too.

Like I said above, I usually do a load of diapers every other night. It definitely helps to have more diapers. I need to make sure I have enough diapers to last me while the other ones are drying. This hasn't been too tough lately because with potty training E only wears a couple (2-4) diapers each day. Most of the time she has been waking up from her naps dry so I am able to reuse that diaper again later.

Sometimes I dry them in the dryer and other times I put them on the drying rack. I would love to have a clothesline because the sun would do a wonderful job of drying and bleaching the diapers. I make do with a drying rack and a window. I am trying to use the diaper rack even more because I think less drying will help to conserve the Velcro. I am currently waiting for Velcro replacement kits (FREE!) for my Bum Genius so I can revamp them for baby #2.
If you cloth diaper you must use a detergent that will not harm the diapers. I have used Allen's Naturally and Planet Ultra and they both worked extrememly well. There are quite a few that are OK to use and it is really an individual preference. I also use cloth wipes and they are washed along with the diapers. The entire process is really quite simple.
My one pet peeve is that I can't find great cloth diapering products ( diapers, wipes, detergents, pails, pail liners, etc) at major stores like Babies R Us & Target. Target carried Bum Genius for a little while but I haven't' seen them in a while. Unfortunately, these companies do little to promote cloth diapering even though it is becoming a more popular diapering choice. The current economic state has actually sent cloth diaper sales soaring- even used diaper sales. I would estimate that disposables- at the very least- cost about $1,500 from birth to potty training. I have defnitely not spent that much on cloth diapering. Additonally, cloth diapers can be reused with siblings or resold at site likes Diaper Swappers.


Jinxy said...

I'm going to start exclusively cloth diapering my daughter with Bum Genius 3.0 and a few Applecheek pockets.
I use cloth wipes but haven't found a good wipe solution. What do you make?

Amber said...

Can't wait to get going with CD'ing with the new baby!! I have BG and my free Gro Baby, too!

E is waking up dry from naps?!?? That's VERY encouraging!!

Beth said...

I hear good things about Bum Genius. I'm hoping we get some as shower gifts. That's a good system you have. Do you have a special system for your diaper bag as well, since they take up more room than disposables?

Marcy said...

Do you rinse the diapers/wipes out before putting them in the pail, like when they're poopy? Does your washer handle the mess ok? I doubt I could ever convince the hubby to cloth completely over to cloth, but I have been considering trying out cloth inserts for D's gDiapers... (especially since they'll be coming out with their own brand soon!)

Missy said...

I was annoyed with the fact that the major chain stores do not sell cloth diapering products too. I figured that at least Babies R Us would - I think ours just had a tiny rack of basic cloth white diapers and a few pins, but that was it. I had great luck with
They had good prices and a flat $5 shipping rate which was nice.

Andrea said...

I love cloth diapers. :) And I love reading about how other people do cloth diapering too!!! So thanks for sharing.