Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting Out and Staying Sane

I have started venturing out of the house some. I haven't braved a store yet and probably won't for a while. Eliza loves to take off running so I have been staying away from parking lots and stores in general. I don't want to have to choose between chasing Eliza or staying by a cart with Jude. She isn't the best about sitting in the cart either. She has already jumped out of a moving cart into my arms.! I have though of wearing Jude but I need to get up to my full speed to catch E and not sure I could do that with a wrap.

I have been going and spending some time at Pete's grandma's (gramam) house. Pete's mom (Grammyita) spends a lot of time there taking care of gramam. When she isn' t there or at work she is visiting and helping me out! So last week and this week I took the kids out in the evening to hang out at gramam's house. It was great to get out and E really enoyed seeing her grammyita and gramam and of course I LOVE the company.

Tonight we are going over to Pete's sister's house for a bit when she gets out of work. Aunt Amber comes here to visit and help me a lot. Since she only lives five minutes away I figured I could go there some nights too. It gets us out of the house and Aunt Amber doesn't have to be away from her house all the time. Tonight we have special plans to make pumpkin scented play doh!

I go to my mom's quite a bit - but she is an hour away and Jude isn't always the happiest lil man in the car. My mom also comes here to help out when she can which is awesome. I am sure I will probably try and trek there once a week in the future.

Tomorrow night is dinner with good friends Rose, Mark and Alessia. they live across the street so getting together is a breeze. We haven't seen them that much lately and we really miss them!! I have also been trying to set up some play dates with other mom's in the development.

Trying to keep busy and interact with other adults is what keeps me sane. I truly believe that the invention of the house has led to many moms home with small children getting depressed. People tend to stay shut up in houses which I think is unhealthy. Friends and family are so important and I am so thankful to have so much help and support!


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

glad you've found a groove that helps you find yourself

Marcy said...

I don't know how you (or more importantly, Eliza) feel about these, but would you consider using a kid harness, like the kind that's an animal backpack and you can hang on to the tail? Then you could let her walk free but also keep her close?

Amber said...

Honestly...I've been wearing Kaelin on my back and putting Kiley in the stroller! Kaelin doesn't like the shopping carts it seems crazy, but wearing the bigger one works out better for us!