Sunday, November 29, 2009

Aden and Anais Sleeping Bag Review

I was lucky enough to receive a muslin sleeping bag to review from Aden + Anais before Jude was born. I have been a big fan of this company since Eliza was little and was eager to try out any new products. As I have written before, we had to swaddle Eliza a lot. Eliza was very fussy and we had a hard time soothing her. I read about swaddling and at first I thought swaddling was ineffective. I soon realized it was my swaddling blankets that were ineffective. Luckily I discovered two companies that made amazing swaddles, one of those companies was Aden + Anais. We primarily used their swaddle blankets with Eliza for 7 months!

Here is my sweet E! This seems like only yesterday.
It is hard to believe she is 26 months already!

Here is Jude in his sister's swaddle blanket!

If you are not familiar with the company here is a little background. Aden + Anais was started by two Aussie moms who moved to the states in 1996. The arrival of their children - Aden and Anais- led to the realization that the high quality muslin swaddles that had been so prominent in Australia were not available in the states. And of course they started the company to provide American moms with amazing swaddle blankets, hooded towels, washcloths and now sleep blankets.

Unlike Eliza, Jude didn't need to be be swaddled so instead we use a sleeping bag to keep him snug as a bug. I love the muslin fabric because it is soft and breathable. The sleeping bag is made from the same 100% cotton muslin as the swaddles. There is a single layer of soft waffled cotton (which gets even softer with washing) which keeps babies cozy but prevents them from overheating.

Here is Jude rockin his mod about baby - bee sleeping bag

These muslin sleeping bags make an adorable gift for any new mom. They come in 8 prints and retail for $29.95. You can order online or check the store locator for a location near you.

I have been more than happy with my Aden + Anais products over the past few years. Although we no longer use our blankets for swaddling, we continually find other uses for them. If I could bare to part with them, I would use them as eco-friendly wrapping paper. They were certainly a worthy investment. I can't say the same about the traditional receiving blankets I have stacked in my linen closet collecting dust.


Ana said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE TIPS! Those photos are adorable!

Tracy said...

I love there swaddle blankets. We still use Stella's when she is napping or to throw over her legs when she is in the stroller outside. I always keep 2 others in the car so if the kids get chilly they can just grab them. Can't say enough good things about Aden and Anais. I have a few friends that I will definately buy the sleep bags for. Thanks for the info!

Amber said...

These are cool! DD2 does not need to be swaddled either?! Kaelin on the other hand was swaddled for a LOOOOOONG time before we stopped!

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