Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jude is 3 months old!

My lil boy is 3 months old (14 weeks!)! I think those were the fastest three months of my life. We went to the doctor on the 18th for a shots only visit. Jude weighed 14lbs. This means he pretty much doubled his birth weight in 3 months!

We are still breastfeeding. Jude eats almost every two hours day and night. He does go a little longer on occasion to give me a break. I think he is definitely a nocturnal feeder. he eats much better at night than during the day. I have a feeling I will be nocturnal for quite some time as well.

We are also still cosleeping-of course. Eliza is sleeping in a twin bed next to our bed. Jude is in bed with us now-but we are thinking of sidecarring his crib to give us some more room. With him eating so often at night cosleeping really seems to be the best arrangement for us right now.
Jude is already a heartbreaker!
Here he is with Madison.
They were born one day apart!


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

such a cutie! glad things seem to be smoothing out (a bit)

H.E.Eigler said...

oh lord, the cuteness is too much I say! CUTE!

Amber said...

Seriously?!?!?! I'm SO proud of you for pushing through the whole BF thing (not Black Friday)...he' thriving!! B/C of you!!

He's a cutie!!!

Sheri said...

Look at him! He is such a cutie!

I am so proud of you for breastfeeding.

CC said...

he is SO DARN CUTE!!!!!!!