Friday, December 18, 2009

Poop and New Endeavor

So I have been very busy with two things this past week. POOP and starting my business as a Discovery Toys Representative. I am excited about one of those things. I bet you can guess which one.

Jude's belly is still out of whack. We go to the doctor on Tuesday and hopefully will get some answers. I have cut out dairy but now I am having trouble eating enough-and my milk supply has dipped a few times. It is too soon to tell if eliminating dairy is helping as it can take a few weeks for the milk proteins to completely leave my body.

And now for my more exciting endeavor.

I went to a Discovery Toys party and was so impressed that I decided to become a rep. The toys are excellent quality educational toys. All the toys undergo rigorous safety testing. They also have a lifetime warranty. I am excited to bring more info to my readers and will be doing product demos, giveaways, and hopefully some video reviews. I will possibly be looking for other mommy bloggers to do some reviews/giveaways as well.

I am looking to expand my team and can sponsor anyone in the U.S. You don't have to live close to me to be on my team. So if you love toys and are looking to make some extra money & earn free toys let me know and I will be happy to get you some information.

Here is my website link.

I will be sharing info on the amazing winter sale on New Year's Eve- so stay tuned!