Sunday, May 1, 2011

F*CK @FF Stuff or 31 Days Towards Minimalism

When we decided to make the move from Jersey-Charlotte-Charleston we had to part with many of our things. I even blogged that we were getting down to the bare bones and focusing on what was important. FAMILY. It didn't happen quite the way I'd imagined.

We had the best of intentions but life seemed to get in the way of our organization. Somehow our new place was quickly overrun by STUFF and honestly it started to make it feel a little too much like home. I mean our home in Jersey that was packed with clutter. WE even managed to move a box that was entitled JUNK DRAWER.

We have been in our new place for four months and I am now dedicating an entire month to simplifying our living space. I am tired of the mess. I am tired of cleaning the mess just to clean the house. I am tired of not having time to spend with my family on the weekends because we have to organize and clean our stuff.

So I am here to say, "F*CK @FF STUFF".

We are moving towards minimalism. Today was officially Day 1 and Pete and I worked our butts off all morning donating things to our Good friend Will. Goodwill is a little sick of seeing Pete's face; that is a very good thing.