Tuesday, May 3, 2011

31 Days to Minimalism- Day 2

My goal for this week is the toy room. We have a LOT of toys and books. Unfortunately, for some reason it is excruciating for me to make any decisions on paring down these items. I guess part of my feels like my kids need of all of these things to be happy even though I know that isn't true. The opposite is probably true. They have so much stuff they don't have the room to play. I am trying to teach them that happiness doesn't come from stuff, but they have tons of stuff. I know I am sending them the wrong message.

I also love books and we have a huge library for the kids. We do read many of the books but I am planning to at least cut it in half. OUCH! Then we will abide by the one new book in/ one old book out rule.

Yesterday was day two and I did a quick cull of their books. I also grabbed some of the toys I have been holding onto for no reason and took them out of the room. I haven't even looked in their closet yet. I have set aside an entire week to go through their stuff and at the end of the week I will photograph each item I have decided to keep.