Thursday, May 5, 2011

31 Days Towards Minimalism- Day 3

Day 3...umm there is no day 3 blog post. The kids toys really have me in a rut. I keep making excuse after excuse to keep the toys. Many of them are quality educational toys. We use a lot of them. Do we REALLY need them all? NO I just am a big baby and don't want to decide who gets to stay and who gets to go.

Last night, instead of going through toys and making tough decisions I went through the all of Eliza and Jude's clothing.

I set aside anything I thought might fit them in the fall and tossed anything that was not worth keeping, They both had lots of warm clothes which don't do us very good in this southern heat. I think Jude had 15 pairs of pants. A lot of them were hand me downs but that number is ridiculous. I culled about half- which were size 12-18 months- and set them aside. I don't know if I should donate them or sell them.

I was going to go through the closet toys tonight but I am backing out. AGAIN. I am going to go through the front closet instead.